Dominican Republic welcomed 5 million passengers in 2021

The increase of non-resident passengers to the Dominican Republic in 2021 impacted the dynamism of tourism activities, which was reflected in an accumulated increase of 36.1% as of October 2021.

Héctor Valdez Albizu governor of the Dominican Central Bank, has highlighted that ‘this performance allows us to project 5 million visitors (by the close of) 2021, as has been pointed out by the press and the Ministry of Tourism’.

The governor recently presented the results of the IMAE, the Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity.

The restrictions imposed by national and international authorities to prevent the spread of Covid-19 caused only 1,881,756 non-resident passengers to arrive in the country during January to October 2020, a flow that doubled in 2021, as 3,746,761 passengers arrived in the country during those 10 months, signing an increase of 1,865,005.

For Albizu, the gradual reactivation of tourism businesses in accordance with the tourist flow, added to the effective implementation of the vaccination plan by the Government, which has managed to inoculate 77% and 64% of the Dominican population, respectively, have had an impact on the economic recovery of this productive sector.


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