Dominicans exalted to the Softball Hall of Fame in Florida

The Latin Friendship League in Florida, made up of dozens of players from the Dominican Republic and other countries, exalted several of its members to the “Softball Hall of Fame”.

This was based on their contributions to the development of the discipline in Florida.

The event organized by its president, Felipe Peña, was attended by the Consul General in Miami, Jacobo Fernández.

In addition to a large delegation from the Institute of Dominicans Abroad, INDEX and other authorities of the Dominican Republic.

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The distinction for 20 players was centered on their constant discipline and support for the development of softball in Florida.

In addition to the selflessness of their umpires to ensure that each game ends smoothly, as specified in his speech by manager Felipe Peña.

“This event aims to highlight this group of softball players, for whom this sport has been developed in Florida, Broward County and the city of Miami. With the delivery of these medals and plaques, we are showing how important they all are to us,” said the Dominican sports leader.

Whose director was invited to present the Medal of Exaltation to the Softball Hall of Fame to one of the most recognized leaders in this sport, Luis Bonilla, (Lucho) owner of the Pollo Tipico restaurant, who in addition to being a great player, is an outstanding Dominican-American philanthropist in Broward County.

Bonilla, received the corresponding plaque, thanking the Latino Friendship League and its management team for the gesture, while the president of the media highlighted the importance of practicing sports to maintain a healthy body and mind, especially in the current times of pandemic.

Likewise, Consul Fernández emphasized President Abinader’s interest in supporting sports not only at the national level.

Fernández was invited to place one of the Exaltation Medals, as well as to present a plaque of recognition to one of the exalted players.

Players inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame
Among the players who were inducted were Roberto Hernández, (La Guagua), Antonio Pichardo, Sergio Valdez, Danilo de la Rosa, Víctor Rymer.

Also Arturo Taveras, Angel Montandon, (Chepe), Luis Duran, among others, who gladly received the award as Members of the Amistad Latina Softball Hall of Fame.

Also present were the renowned community leader, José Álvarez, Edward Cruz, president of the PRM in Florida, Soledad Cruz representing INDEX and Richard Montilla.

In addition to Francis Martinez, the first Dominican-American Councilwoman in the City of Doral, Digna Cabral, and Vice Consul Gervacio Martinez, very active in community activities and Luis Lasosé, among other guests.

At the end of the meeting, everyone enjoyed another of the usual games at Potter Park in Orange.


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