Fidel Castro monument unveiled in Dominican Republic

Maizal, Dominican Republic, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) A monument in homage to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, was inaugurated today, to commemorate his 95th birthday, in Maizal, Valverde province, in the northwest of the Dominican Republic.

In an emotional ceremony headed by the Cuban ambassador to this nation, Milagros Carina Soto, the coordinator of the Dominican Solidarity Campaign with the island, Roberto Payano, and local authorities, the place was opened to the public.

There were several speakers during the evening who highlighted the work, thanked those who carried it forward by contributing to it in different ways and highlighted the significance for Dominicans to have a space in which Fidel’s presence is alive.

Oscar Beillard, who donated, together with his family, the land on which the monument is located and made the first contributions to make it a reality, made a special intervention.

Beillard explained to those present that the idea for this work came to him on one of his many trips to Cuba, specifically when he was at the place where the Apostle José Martí fell, in Dos Ríos, and he wanted to do something similar for the Commander.

There were setbacks, he said, delays, momentary lack of resources, but always in the end friends and Dominican authorities admirers of the honoree, joined efforts to finish the beautiful place that from this Friday will be able to visit the inhabitants of Maizal and visitors from other places.

To conclude the activity, Ambassador Soto spoke, who said she felt excited to be on this special day in a place where a permanent tribute will be paid to this great man.

She thanked those who carried out the monument, highlighted the generosity of the Beillar family in donating the land and pointed out that although the Commander in Chief was never given to works like this, he would be proud to remain in the hearts of the Dominicans, a people he loved so much.

And he recalled how when Fidel arrived in this nation in 1998, he said, ‘when I express my feelings at this moment, when I remember the desires I had to meet this country, I can only say that this is the land that can move a modest Cuban heart the most’.

The mausoleum, in the shape of a pyramid, is about five meters high with the Cuban flag on its flagpole and has a tombstone in homage to the Cuban leader.

It is lined with Spanish earthenware and behind it is exhibited a large mural with moments of the Cuban struggles for its liberation until January 1, 1959 and the Fidel Castro Library was built, with part of his books.

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