DR signs agreement to develop civil aviation over the next decade

With a commitment to continue promoting development plans and the strength of the sector, the DR through the Civil Aviation Board, during the Assembly of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC), held in Lima, adopted the commitments for the development of civil aviation for the next decade, reported the president of the agency, Dr. José Ernesto Marte Piantini.

In accordance with the powers conferred by Article 128 of the Dominican Constitution, the President of the DR, Luis Abinader, granted the president of the organization that establishes the highest policy of commercial aviation in the Dominican territory full powers so that in the name and on behalf of the Dominican State, he may jointly assume with ministers and aeronautical authorities of the CLAC member states, effective measures to increase air traffic.

Marte Piantini highlighted the important milestone for Dominican aviation, the signing of this document, which took place during the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission.

The signing will achieve significant advances for air transport, such as greater use of technology in the sector, while increasing connectivity between the States of Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate the transport of people and goods, said the official.

He stressed that the country is even more committed to the development of commercial aviation, for which reason, “as of the signing, the relationship of coordination with other international organizations and entities, both public and private, for the development of effective and harmonious public policies for the sector will be expanded”.

The Lima Declaration

With the signing of the document, the DR, through the Aviation Board, will commit to establish more and better measures to increase passenger and cargo air traffic over the next decade, together with the Latin American and Caribbean States.

Similarly, in the framework of this important activity, the president of the Aviation Board and second vice president of the Executive Committee of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission, José Ernesto Marte Piantini also signed the memorandum of understanding to support the action of operators and provide greater capacities, as well as promote greater access to markets.

The memorandum of understanding between the signatory countries of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) will provide Dominican airlines with the possibility of operating flights without route and capacity restrictions to and from CLAC member countries.

Therefore, Marte Piantini said that “the strength and growth evidenced by the sector, especially since the government headed by President Luis Abinader, demonstrates our potential and its high technical and professional levels, attributes that have made our country the epicenter of civil aviation in the Caribbean,” he said.

He stressed that this meeting will work together for the benefit of the development of civil aviation, since “we seek to synthesize projects to ensure the development and growth of civil aviation in the region.

Finally, during the meeting of regional authorities, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded a recognition to the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC).

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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