EU Ambassador praises DR’s “generosity” with Ukrainian tourists

The ambassador of the European Union in the Dominican Republic, Katja Afheldt, highlighted the generosity of the Dominican people.

“The generosity with which the Dominicans are receiving the Ukrainians who are staying here, the tourists from Ukraine, seems to me to be typical of the Dominicans, who are a kind, open and very generous people,” she said.

He also valued the declarations of President Luis Abinader condemning Vladimir Putin’s military invasion against Ukraine, pointing out that the actions of the Russian president show that he does not respect the identity of the Ukrainian people in all its aspects.

“We had thought that war is a thing that was going to be repeated on our continent, but today we know that it is not so because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. I was very impressed by the very clear statement of President Abinader rejecting the aggression, the war, completely useless, not justified by anything,” he said.

The Tourism Cabinet established the concrete actions, in the short term, to manage the situation of the residents of Ukraine who were doing tourism in the Dominican Republic, at the time of the beginning of the armed conflict in that country.

In this sense, according to Despertar Nacional, they located available rooms in Puerto Plata, where hotels will be applying a solidarity rate for 15 days to the residents of Ukraine who are visiting the Dominican Republic, in the period from January 1st to March 2022.

This fee will cover food and lodging expenses, which will be covered by the Dominican Government through the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).


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