European Tourism To Dominican Republic Looks Promising

In spite of global crisisTourism Dominican Republic V09

Of the three million visitors that the Dominican Republic received last year, 1,192,800 were from Europe, a number greater than Cuba and the Mexican Caribbean, and in which France stands out as the major contributor.

France provides 251,300 tourists a year, a number that is higher than important countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain or Russia.

Nevertheless, the representatives of the tourism sector and the hoteliers of the country are not that interested in the numbers, since they prefer fewer tourists but tourists that spend more and stay longer in the Dominican Republic, according to what Julio Llibre said. Llibre is the president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores) and he was a panelist in the event which took place at the Santo Domingo Hotel.

The hoteliers also recognized the decrease in the arrival of tourists from Europe, but they recognize that they have sought alternatives in the Russian market and in other areas such as South America.

However, in spite of the global crisis and the collapse of the international markets, the present and the future of European tourism towards the Dominican Republic seems promising.

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