Four earthquakes shook the Dominican Republic this week.

Earthquakes - Dominican - Republic - V05The most important thing is to maintain calm.

Not less than four earthquakes shook the Dominican Republic this week, and Dominicans have had ample reminders to convince everyone to look into preparations.


Freddy Santana, director general of the National Office for Seismic Evaluation and Infrastructure Vulnerability (Onesvie), said that the most important thing is to maintain calm in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.
The office is currently checking houses and buildings in the northeast that may have been affected by Monday’s 5.1 earthquake.


He urged Dominicans to keep emergency telephones and a generic first aid kit to hand, to know how to locate relatives and to have a home or office evacuation plan.


Buildings with only superficial damages receive a green certification, those with significant structural damages are marked in yellow, and those in red have suffered considerable structural damages.
Those in green can continue to be inhabited, those in yellow can continue to be inhabited but with precaution, and those marked in red need to be abandoned.

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