Increased flow of travelers through the AILA

Summer vacations in the United States and Europe are attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists of different nationalities, who have the Dominican Republic as their main vacation country and enter mainly through the Las Americas International Airport (AILA).

Thousands of Dominicans living abroad are also arriving, most of them from the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and other European nations, who come with the purpose of spending their summer vacations in their country.

All the flights, more than one hundred daily through Las Americas Airport to and from different destinations, are arriving full of passengers, in many cases, complete families, both foreigners and Dominicans.
of both foreigners and Dominicans.

It was learned that some airlines are planning to make additional flights in their schedules due to the considerable increase in demand for seats, especially in the order of arrival from various nations and destinations.

Many of the Creoles, families composed of four and five members, especially minors who left for school vacations, especially from various parts of the United States, come loaded with gifts for their parents,
come loaded with gifts for their relatives and friends in the country.

Due to the considerable movement of travelers, the personnel of the different agencies that work at the airport of Las Americas has had to be doubled, which allows for quick and timely attention to tourists and Dominicans.

Both the General Directorate of Immigration and Customs have reinforced their service personnel, which has allowed a decrease in the number of complaints from travelers about the loss of time in checking their personal documents and luggage.

Meanwhile, in the passenger departure area, the airport authorities maintain cordons to control the large number of people who travel daily to the airport to pick up family and friends.

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