Job fair in Pedernales with 600 job openings

Government holds job fair in Pedernales with 600 jobs

This initiative is part of the “Social Inclusion Rings” policy aimed at prioritizing the employment and training offer promoted by the Government.

The Ministries of Tourism, Presidency, Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD), together with the Ministries of Labor and the Technical Professional Training Institute (INFOTEP) are holding from today until tomorrow a job fair for residents in three provinces of the so-called far south.

The fair offers 600 jobs to residents of the provinces of Barahona, Pedernales and Bahoruco during the construction and operation phases of the projects in Cabo Rojo.

The job fair is being held at the Socio Cultural Club of Pedernales and will be extended until Wednesday afternoon.

This initiative is part of the policy of the Social Inclusion Rings (AIS), whose main objective is to prioritize and maximize the offer of employment and training to the resident population between 18 and 65 years of age.

The Development Strategy for the Border Zone (MiFronteraRD), promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, has 90 initiatives to transform the territory from the economic, productive and public services point of view.

The entities participating in the policy of the Social Inclusion Rings are: Ministry of Labor, INFOTEP, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of the Presidency, and the Presidential Commission for the Tourist Development of Pedernales.

The Social Inclusion Rings are presented as an integral public policy for the prioritization of the resident population in the communities of the border area with the income generation opportunities (employment and production) demanded by the new companies that will be installed in the territory.

The Ministry of Economy indicates that the development projects of the Port of Manzanillo (Pepillo Salcedo) and Cabo Rojo (Pedernales), will be engines for the generation of new sources of employment in the border area, however, there are no mechanisms that link the supply of employment with the population residing in the territory.

After the mechanism functions in the two prioritized poles, the public policy of the Social Inclusion Rings (AIS) will be extended to all public-private participation projects and initiatives.

The goal is to encourage the participation of the resident population in the employment and supply chains of public-private projects in the border zone.

The policy of the Social Inclusion Rings establishes the academic offer adjusted to the prioritized profiles for the training of residents in the territories corresponding to the first and second inclusion rings.

In addition, the activation of a job fair or recruitment: Through a technological platform where employers will have access to place all the labor supply required by their company, including the profiles required and the conditions for hiring; aimed at a target audience that will have access according to the identified rings.

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