Launching of the One-Stop Construction Shop

Vice President Raquel Peña heads the launching of the Construction One-Stop Shop

Vice President Raquel Peña led the launching of the One-Stop Construction Window (VUC), an integrated system that modernizes the processing and obtaining of licenses and permits for the benefit of the construction sector.

This system, created by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings, aims to streamline and facilitate, in a single place, the necessary accreditations for the development of construction works.

The Vice President stated that the growth of the economy and the generation of employment are pillars that support the economic plan of the Government headed by President Luis Abinader and the launching of this platform will allow to provide an efficient service as a facilitator and facilitator of construction investments in the Dominican Republic.

He said that with the launching of this window, it will be possible to control and measure the response for the procedures prioritized by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings, within the framework of the Zero Bureaucracy Plan, currently in the process of implementing the links of the other institutions and their construction-related procedures.

“We must use all the elements at our disposal to maximize our impact and generate an efficient government. This idea, which today is a reality, involves a vision of the public, of the Government and of the policies we develop.”

He assured that the window presented combines a vision of innovation and a commitment to transparency within the approach of improving services.

He said that with these solutions the Ministry of Housing and Buildings gives a new face to the sector and reaffirms its commitment to transparency and efficiency.

“It is very gratifying to see how the different institutions are advancing towards the same objective, to improve our management capacity in times of change,” Peña emphasized.Vice President Raquel Peña

For his part, the Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, explained that this platform aims to improve the lives of Dominicans “and, to achieve this, we must provide solutions to the construction sector so that, in turn, it can respond more effectively to our people and continue to generate jobs as it has done steadily in recent years”.

In this sense, he added that the construction sector has had a great post-pandemic recovery and is one of the sectors that is driving the country’s progress.

During the presentation of the VUC, the figures of the urban manager and the private technical supervisor were also introduced, two profiles created by the MIVED to facilitate the procedures of the Single Window, which will carry out the approval and supervision processes of projects.

The Vice Minister of Standards, Regulations and Procedures of the MIVED, Vivian Reyes, explained that the urban manager is a figure who, at the request of the interested party or user, will perform technical review functions, in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations in force, prior to obtaining permits and licenses granted by the MIVED for the construction of buildings.

While the private technical supervisor is the natural person, legal entity, engineer or architect, chartered and qualified to do consulting, advisory and/or technical supervision of a construction work.

“All this is the result of the synergy achieved by the integration and connection of various sectors: public, private and users in general, through leadership, communication and teamwork for the same goal. Digitalization is no longer an option, modernization is the norm at the service of the construction sector”, emphasized the vice minister.

The director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), Fellito Suberví, and the director of ProDominicana, Biviana Riveiro, among others, were also present.

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