Leonel Fernández Promotes Integration Of Latin America

During the 5th Competitiveness Forum of the Americas

Leonel Fernánndez yesterday proposed that the Organization of American States (OAS) begin making the contacts needed to materialize Central America and the Caribbean’s economic, political, social and cultural integration.

The Dominican President, whose close relationship with Venezuela president Hugo Chavez has roiled Washington in the past, had also supported his Caracas par in the creation of a common currency for Latin America.

The Head of State said to achieve that integration, the OAS would have to create a global entity to promote it.

I believe that when we speak of integration it would have to be understood as total hemispherical integration and not to divide or dilute us as a multiplicity of subgroups that in the end what they do is rival each other and make the possibility of political integration, economic integration, social and cultural integration less efficient.

He added there’s a need to work in an institutional simplification so that Central America and the Caribbean participate within a joint institution, for which the subgroups such as the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) don’t have to take part.

Mr. Fernández executive made his proposal during the forum Perspective economic and challenges for Central America and the Caribbean in the global economy, which forms part of the 5th Competitiveness Forum of the Americas.

In the conclave, held in the Global Foundation Democracy and Development (Funglode) participated Costa Rica ex president Jose Maria Figueres, Trinidad and Tobago planning and economy minister Bhoendradatt Tewarie and other dignitaries in the region.

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