Minister of Tourism visits El Seibo and announces completion of bullfighting arena

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, visited the province of El Seibo to announce that the long-awaited bullring will be completed.

“On behalf of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, I am here to announce that this plaza is going to be built and that the Government is going to deliver. The President told me to visit El Seibo today to make this announcement and here we are,” said Collado.

The official asked the engineer of the work to carry out an audit of the construction to clean up “the roads and thus have clear accounts”, since he does not get involved in anything that is not transparent.

“We asked for a deadline of fifteen days, so that the vice-minister Patricia Mejía, the senator Santiago Zorrilla and the governor Irene Martínez meet with the federation in charge of the bullring so that they deliver us then the cubication”, he explained.

He assured that after seeing that the work has clear accounts, then a new bidding process will be carried out to give it continuity, since the construction of the bullring is a requirement of the people, reason why the president wants to finish it as soon as possible.

He explained that the architects of the Ministry of Tourism will be evaluating the plans and everything concerning the work to deliver a complete report to President Abinader.

“Then we will forget about what could have been and what was not, now the important thing is the present and to resolve the construction of the work for the tranquility of El Seibo”, said the minister.

The meeting was attended by the Vice Minister of Tourism, Patricia Mejía and other municipal authorities.

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