MITUR labels maritime transport company vessels with QR code in the Eastern region

In order to guarantee the formality and safety of tourists using maritime transportation services, the Ministry of Tourism is betting on technology and implementing a QR code identification system.

This initiative is being carried out through the Directorate of Companies and Services of MITUR with the purpose of identifying the vessels, which also allows the establishment of a registry with the legal data of each vessel, in addition to continuing with the work of regulating the maritime tourist transport services in the eastern region of the country.

The second day of the process of labeling of boats began in Bavaro (in the area of Los Corales, Jellyfish and Bibijagua beaches), and then continued in Bayahibe-La Romana and was attended by Edgar Gonzalez, Director of Business and Services of MITUR.

Gonzalez said that with the QR code you can identify the status of operating permits, and that in this second day of labeling in the eastern region is completed 90% of the boats that have made their application through the Web

“With this QR code we make it last over time, and we can update the information on the status of the license of the boat and any other aspect that requires the Dominican Navy on it, you will have it quickly through its database in real time,” he added.

In this regard, the official said that the measure will not only fight against informality (and against insecurity in practice), but will also make it possible to count and regulate the density of boats per area.

He added that more than 30% of the companies linked to maritime transportation in the tourist areas are labeled and those that comply with safety requirements and are in adequate conditions to operate have been numbered and identified.

The new identification, through the aforementioned code, has the updated data in real time of both the registration and license of the vessels, classified in “Boat Trip” and “Recreational”, which include speedboats, yachts and catamarans, dedicated to transportation and recreational activities by tourists.

Enrico Canuti, in charge of Excursions of the Viva Wyndham Dominicus hotel, described the action of labeling the boats with the QR code as extremely important, since through this it is possible to identify instantly to whom it belongs and in case of any eventuality.



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