New version of BTC focuses on supporting tourism reactivation

The XXV edition of the Caribbean Tourism Exchange (BTC 2021) was inaugurated, which in its 2021 edition maintains its objective of contributing to the dissemination, promotion and promotion of the Dominican Republic’s tourism offer in non-traditional markets, as well as in traditional and emerging markets.

Luis Felipe Aquino, president of the Caribbean Tourism Exchange, said in his speech that “the BTC has been the projection, promotion and promotion of Santo Domingo, the First City of America, combining the city with the beach and the mountains as multidestination programs”.

He assured that the Dominican Republic has a tourist vocation, which places the country at a good competitive level in the world travel market, since it has great potential in regions that are not yet developed, “regions that can attract tourists for the beauty of its beaches, the hospitality of its people, its culture, gastronomy and its charming colonial history, the first city of the new world”.

Aquino emphasized that in such difficult times produced by the Covid-19 pandemic, with its economic and social impact, the central government together with the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector, and all contributing can ensure that the country remains the best destination in the Caribbean.

“The Responsible Recovery Plan for the tourism sector was designed for the reactivation of the economy, based on four axes: governance, risk management and economic support from the private sector, so that the actions for the recovery of tourism, has been carried out in a conscious, responsible and coherent manner, already beginning to bear fruit,” he added.

He also indicated that “aware of the current situation, the Caribbean Tourism Exchange is holding this meeting to contribute to the efforts of the public-private sector to reactivate tourism activity. We have faith and the firm conviction that the Dominican Republic is predicting a growing development of its tourism industry, which will become a tangible reality”.

He explained that today, more than ever, the joint and united actions of all the sub-sectors that make up the tourism value chain are more necessary than ever.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, was recognized for his great vision and courage in confronting with the right decisions, the strategic lines to reactivate the tourism sector in times of pandemic. The recognition was received by Tammy Mercedes Reynoso, since the minister was unable to attend the activity.

Also recognized were businessmen Fabio Herrera Roa for his significant contributions to the country’s business, cultural and tourism sectors; and Rafael Blanco Canto for his vision and commendable work in favor of investment in the Dominican Republic’s tourism development.

The awards were presented by the organizers of the BTC, Luis Felipe Aquino and Luisa María de Aquino, and were attended by authorities from the country’s tourism, hotel and business sectors.

The event is being held from July 22 to 24 at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino Convention Center.

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