One dollar now costs more than 39 pesos.

Dollar - V002Since the beginning of the month.

The new year began with an increase. Since the beginning of the month, the exchange rate for purchasing dollars went over RD $39.00 to one.


According to a survey, the banks were buying the dollar at around RD $38.60, and they were selling it at RD $39.00 and RD $39.10, while the Euro was stable with a average purchase price of RD $48.50 and a sales price of RD $51.60.


The financial entities average purchase price on Tuesday was RD $38.62 for cash, and for checks it was RD $38.68 and transfers were at RD $38.70, according to the Central Bank.
The sale of cash, checks and transfers was at RD $38.98. At the exchange houses and remittance centers the dollars were sold at RD $38.99.

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