Proposal To Create An Hispaniola Cluster

Association Herrera Santo Domingo Province Industrial Enterprises V01For development of Dominican Republic and Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The Association of Herrera and Santo Domingo Province Industrial Enterprises (AEIH) considered imperative that the international community and the island authorities agree to implement a plan of long-term development involving Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

They highlighted that in the framework of the reconstruction of the neighboring country, devastated by the earthquake on January the 12th, the initiatives must move beyond short-term handouts or simple emergency assistance to Haiti to achieve economic self-determination.

The business group headed by Manuel Cabrera warned that even if much resources are invested and more international aid is channeled, the effort will have little meaning unless there is a plan structure involving the two nations into a strategic plan to raise production, enhance trade and create productive jobs on both sides.

The AEIH endorsed the position of executive director of the National Competitiveness Council, Andres Van Der Horst Alvarez, in the sense of seeking a solution to the Haitian crisis beyond the disaster, developing a productive development plan to complement the Republic Competitiveness Plan Dominican.

He proposed to found the Cluster Hispaniola with the objective that, together, inserting the two countries compete in the international market with an export system, creating productive jobs, strengthen the economies of both sides.

Noting that, at this juncture, it is necessary to rethink the National Development Strategy which promotes the Dominican Government, the AEIH said that leadership is the responsibility of social, political and economic of the two countries takes a path to permanent cooperation for development plan productive.

He clarified that the proposal has nothing to impair the sovereignty of the two countries, or bet the absurdity of the merger, but it seeks to create economic sustainability on both sides of the border, a new era of progress that avoids increasing migration and trafficking illegal and uproot poverty that threatens environmental sustainability.

Think of the reconstruction of Haiti with a developmental, non-welfare vision. That the developed world to take seriously Haiti and push bilateral development strategy. Any development strategy must be combined, said the AEIH.

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Dominican team of the Organization of United Nations  will strengthen humanitarian assistance

John Holmes Onu V01US $ 2 million to help Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: Country Team of the United Nations System in the Dominican Republic today announced that has been managed the allocation of $ 2 million to strengthen humanitarian assistance to Haiti following the earthquake of January the 12th. The amount was approved by the deputy secretary general for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes, and comes from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) of the organism.

According to a statement from United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), the money will be used to strengthen the humanitarian efforts in health, shelter and logistics taken immediately by the Country Team in the Dominican Republic after the devastating earthquake to Haiti last January the 12th.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Santo Domingo, Valerie Julliand, highlighted the contribution of Cerf, a mechanism called effective and rigorous and that, as underlined, allows fast access to emergency funds and respond delay in the hours are crucial, urgent needs that arise in tragedies like that of Haiti.

Also appreciated the vital role of the Dominican Government to respond appropriately, agile and timely respond to the emergency in the neighboring country.

On the donation, he said, about half will be directed to programs of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Population Fund (UNFPA) to strengthen emergency care to Haitians in the health centers in the border area.

Half a million will go to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNDP to provide supplies and equipment to shelters, as well as logistical support for humanitarian assistance is coming to Haiti.

The rest will go to UNFPA for the prevention of gender violence among the displaced population. The CERF was established in 2006 in order to streamline and make more equitable funding for humanitarian emergencies.

Prior to this assignment made the Country Team Dominican Cerf authorities had made available to Haiti $ 25 million to meet the emergency caused by the earthquake tragedy that has left some 170,000 dead.

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Municipalities of the Dominican Republic bring in millions of pesos

Fedomu Haiti V01In the case of Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The Dominican Federation of Municipalities (FEDOMU) rendered a report of the contributions made by the various councils of the country through this regional organization for the recovery of Haiti and announced the shipment of 30 engineering interns to be made available for the National Association of Mayors of the Border (ANMF) and the municipalities of this country.

The representative body of the Dominican municipalities highlighted the cooperative spirit of Mayors, mayors, directors of Municipal Districts which together with the personnel under his charge immediately joined the crusade of solidarity with the neighboring country.

FEDOMU explained that regional associations Enriquillo Valley and northwest, near the Dominican-Haitian border, acted diligently to bring in food convoy truck in different modes, juices and water to help alleviate the precariousness of the neighboring republic by the devastating effects of the quake and its aftershocks.

The agency said that through the relevant bodies, the councils Dominicans made their economic contributions to the churches, the Dominican Red Cross, the Association of Mayors of  Azuei Lake (AMALA), the governorship of Puerto Principe and directly to Berne community.

As FEDOMU asked, Haitian doctors resident in Seville, Spain, will arrive in the country to provide assistance to their compatriots in coordination with the Dominican Red Cross.

In the same activity the Mayor of the Municipality of San Pedro de Macoris, Architect Tony Echavarria, announced delivery of a donation of one million pesos and the Mayor of the Municipality of Moca, Dr. Miguel Angel Cabral Guarocuya hundred thousand dollars, to help Haiti’s recovery.

For different delivery channels Bani City Council delivered 100 thousand dollars, the de Azua 150 thousand, San Cristobal 50 thousand, Guayubín 40 billion, Mella 30 thousand, Emma Balaguer Municipal Districts and Pedro Garcia also made financial contributions and in kind.

Likewise, the municipalities of the Region Enriquillo and Sabana Grande de Palenque, Nice and Ocoa, provided 200 thousand, 50 thousand and 45 thousand, respectively, in food and drinking water.

They said that dozens of councils have had their chapter houses the application for assistance for Haiti.

The activity was headed by Dr. José Reyes, president of FEDOMU and mayor of La Romana, Victor D ’Aza, Executive Director, Tony Echavarria, mayor of San Pedro de Macoris and vice president of the entity; Samuel Toribio Mayor Guayubin Oneida happy, ASOMURE, Francis George, the Participatory Budget and International Relations and Melvin Beras.

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Dominican Republic and France boost Caribbean Biological Corridor

Dubertrand Fernandez Mirabal V01Signature of a joint statement with French Ambassador Roland Dubertrand

BREAKING NEWS: The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal, and the French ambassador in Dominican Republic, Ronald Dubertrand, signed a joint declaration as an initiative to boost the Caribbean Biological Corridor.

The signing took place within sight of Jean Louis Vernier, director of the Regional Environmental Directorate (DIREN) from Martinique, and Louis Redaud, director of DIREN of Guadalupe, the two French Caribbean islands.

The main purpose of the agreement is to coordinate projects for the protection of fauna and flora through the Caribbean biodiversity conservation, regeneration of coral reefs, water quality control, protection of marine mammals and the bank seeds.

The joint statement coincides with the commemoration of World Wetlands Day and the celebration in the country of the First Meeting of the Caribbean Wetlands Initiative that begins this Thursday with the participation of more than 15 countries in the region.

France is considering entering positively as a member of the Caribbean Biological Corridor, through the islands Martinique and Guadeloupe. This corridor is a geographic space that connects linear landscapes, ecosystems, habitat and culture of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba, and has the support of the United Nations Program for Environment.

The Caribbean Corridor confers special status to 61 protected areas in the three countries that comprise it. This class facilitates investment in human development approach in the communities included within the route.

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Vice President Albuquerque will travel to Haiti

Rafael Alburquerque V02To monitor reconstruction work

BREAKING NEWS: The President of Dominican Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernández, instructed Vice President Rafael Albuquerque, to travel to Haiti Saturday to personally oversee the work of humanitarian aid offered by the Dominican government to the Haitian people following the earthquake on January the 12th.

Albuquerque has scheduled a bilateral meeting with Haitian President René Préval and Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive, to assess the reconstruction process in the neighboring country as part of the agreements reached at the summit in Santo Domingo for the Reconstruction of Haiti, convened last month by President Fernandez, after the earthquake that ravaged the Caribbean nation.

In addition, the vice president will visit refugee centers where they are operating the canteens of amnesty, which currently distribute more than 100 thousand daily rations of cooked food to families affected by the quake.

Also, visit the Albuquerque medical and paramedical personnel Dominican who is in Haiti in sanitary work under the supervision and direction of the Ministry of Public Health and Welfare.Reyes Lopez will travel in company with the Health Minister, Juan Bautista Rojas Gomez, Juan Temistocles Montas, Minister of Planning, Economy and Development, by Nicolas Nicolas Calderon, manager of the dining Economic, and Mr. Enrique Iglesias, secretary general of the Iberoamerican Secretariat.

Our purpose with this visit is to follow up the agreements reached at the Summit for the Reconstruction of Haiti, held last month in Santo Domingo, as well as see the interest and solidarity of the international community to rebuild the country brother, since it has to go beyond a media agenda in the media, because when they remove to Haiti of their front pages, is where the international community must redouble its interest in the reconstruction of Haiti and do not forget that there is a people suffering hardship and need, said Albuquerque.

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Vice President Rafael Alburquerque meets René Préval

Rafael Alburquerque Rene Preval V01Haitian President highlighted cooperation of the Dominican government

BREAKING NEWS: Vice President met Saturday with the Haitian president, René Préval to supervise the recovery of the neighboring country after the earthquake and reconstruction plans in the short term.

Préval expressed to Dr. Rafael Alburquerque and the officials who accompanied him, the satisfaction and gratitude he felt for the help and cooperation extended by the Dominican government in times of disaster after the earthquake that affected the population.

Passing balance almost one month after the earthquake, the Haitian president said they are finalizing the rescue and care of injured and now focus on stabilizing the country and then move on to reconstruction.

He highlighted the role played by the Dominican government in rescuing the wounded, removal of debris from the streets, rehabilitation of mobile telephone communication, delivery of food and water and medical care.

He added that President Leonel Fernández is helping to restore the energy service in Port au Prince.

Albuquerque thanked Vice President Préval’s words, however clarified that the assistance offered to the Haitian people after the tragedy was due to the government understood that it was a moral obligation to the Dominican Republic.

We share the same island, and for that reason all that affects Haiti, affects the Dominican Republic he said.

He said the Dominican delegation visited the neighboring country on the instructions of President Leonel Fernández to oversee the aid it has offered the Dominican government and various institutions Dominican.

He said the Dominican government is very willing to continue working with the needs and demands that the Haitian government request.


The first lady of Haiti, Elizabeth Delatour Preval said with her Dominican counterpart, Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez is about to commence a project for students to begin to receive teaching in classrooms equipped trucks.

They said the project aims to use 200 trucks, of which 15 are ready for the student population of Puerto Principe, which has been hardest hit, to continue its work.

In the meeting with the Haitian presidential couple was also attended by Secretary of Economy, Planning and Development, Forestry Themistocles, the director of the Economic dining, Nicolas Calderon, Public Health Secretary Bautista Rojas Gomez, Dominican consul in Haiti, Ruben Silius and Enrique Iglesias, Iberoamerican General secretary.

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Fernández talks with actress Angelina Jolie at the National Palace

Angelina Jolie Leonel Fernandez 01About supporting Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández received in his office at the National Palace American film and television personality Angelina Jolie, who came to the country on a private flight to coordinate aid for earthquake victims in Haiti.

Jolie arrived at the National Palace under extremely tight security at 6:15 pm and immediately went to the office of president which he left at 6:42. The actress arrived in a Volvo car, blue sky, escorted by a brown SUV brand Land Cruiser.

Renowned arrived at Government House on the ground floor and immediately ascended the stairs to the second floor. Jolie wore a black coat that reached to his knees and loose hair.

Jolie and her partner, actor Brad Pitt, were the top names in showbiz to react after hearing about the tragedy of the Haitian nation, announcing the humanitarian donation of one million dollars.
On that occasion said he was devastated by the devastation caused by the earthquake and announced the donation of the money will go to the organization Doctors without Borders through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, established by the two stars of the big screen.

Jolie was born on June the 4th 1975 is also an actress and model is model goodwill ambassador for UNHCR. Throughout his career, Jolie has received numerous awards for its actors’ achievements, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globes

Although she began acting in 1982 with his father John Voight, is credited as his official debut role in 1993 film Cyborg 2. The first interpretation was made principal in the 1995 film Hackers. In 1997 he appeared in the controversial movie George Wallace. She played a main character in the film for television GIA 1998.

Its global recognition began to grow after winning for the Oscar as best supporting actress in 2000, thanks to his work in the film Girl, Interrupted.

It is considered one of the sexiest women in the world and this is the focus of several means of entertainment. It’s been loving couple of the actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. She is married to Brad Pitt, a relationship that has attracted the attention of all media worldwide.

It is renowned for its humanitarian work in various countries, and has received several commendations for his work.

In 2005, King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihamoni issued a decree through which named citizen of the country for its efforts to preserve the humanitarian soul.

In mid-2009, Angelina Jolie took first place in the Forbes magazine list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood, according to data released by the trade publication. Angelina won between June 2008 and June 2009 totaling $ 27 million thanks to films like Kung Fu Panda and the thriller Wanted Salt.

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Dominican economy minister explains the plan to restructure Haiti

Earthquake Haiti V03It should ensure international funding

BREAKING NEWS: The Minister of Economy, Planning and Development Temistocles Montas, said that the main purpose of the meeting to be held next Saturday in this capital between Haitians and Dominicans technicians is to discuss an action plan to ensure international funding to restructure the country devastated in the medium and long term.

Montas said that the investment will bring this action plan will be discussed with the government of Haiti, having to date the only president in the neighboring state has recognized that this program will require billions of dollars.

He highlighted that Prime Minister Jean-Mary Bellerive, also reassured that only the reconstruction of Haiti, what is needed is the re-founding of this country, because the level of deterioration that affects this nation is not only in material terms but in institutional terms, what motivates one thinks not only rebuild but to create a new Haiti.

I think the Dominican Republic interested in that, and therefore we will work to develop an action plan for submission to the international community for the purpose of obtaining funding to implement that plan, figures at all.

Montas was last Saturday in the Haitian capital, where he was part of a delegation headed by Dominican Vice President Rafael Albuquerque, who also joined the Iberoamerican Secretary General, Enrique Iglesias, and other senior officials of the Dominican government.

President Leonel Fernández has convened a global meeting on Haiti on April the 14th next year, but is announcing another in New York sponsored by the UN.

The idea is to bring to these two meetings a concrete plan of what to do in Haiti to determine the extent to involve the international community, said Montás, who will attend the meeting scheduled for Saturday.

On the Dominican side will also Rosajilda Velez, Ramon Perez Minaya, Ramón Flores and Inocencio García, technicians from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

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Agriculture Ministers of Colombia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic agreed to work together

Agriculture Ministers Haiti V02To rescue Haitian agriculture

BREAKING NEWS: The Ministers of Agriculture of Colombia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, pledged Wednesday to work together for the rescue of haitian agricultural sector, affected by the earthquake of January the 12th.

Engineers Andres Acosta Fernandez from Colombia, Salvador (Chio) Jimenez, from Dominican Republic, and Joan Gué, from Haiti, shared folders of the main steps to be taken for Haitian agriculture. The foreign ministers met separately with their Dominican counterpart.

The Dominican agricultural minister appreciated as positive the disposition of the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture and thus stressed that it will extend the aid to the Haitian agricultural sector.

The South American Minister said that as the first step of his cooperation cooperation, his country will provide meat and milk, essential food for the nutrition of the population and projecting forward to collaborate with other basic needs of family basket.

Fernández Acosta said his visit to Santo Domingo is to carry out instructions from his Government to be available to the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, in order to plan what is needed and how they can collaborate with the Haitian agricultural needs.

Colombia Minister explained that several years ago his country lived the same situation than is Haiti today, so they sympathize with the cause by sending several aircraft and ships with humanitarian aid, but especially with attention to agriculture.

The minister was accompanied by Colombian Luis Fernando Caicedo Barrios Deyanira Leon, general manager and deputy manager of Animal Protection of Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), and by Maria Fernando, representative of the Embassy of Colombia in the country, among others.

Bilateral Agreements

At the meeting, Agriculture Ministers discussed various bilateral trade issues, including stated interest coil Colombia to export meat and milk to the Dominican market.
Fernandez Acosta said he made a proposal to the Dominican Ministry to market certain products of Dominican origin in his country, saying that the Dominican Republic has all the sanitary and phytosanitary equipment to strengthen future agreements.

Meanwhile, t Minister Jiménez scored a team of technicians of Agriculture, specifically the Directorate General of Livestock, to evaluate any risk analysis that may have the entry of new meat products of our territory.
Acosta and Salvador Jimenez Fernandez agreed that there is mutual interest of both nations to strengthen business relationships.

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A month after the earthquake in Haiti

Alain Roy V01Life comes back to Port au Prince

BREAKING NEWS: The United Nations undersecretary general for peacekeeping operations Alain Le Roy, said the security situation in Haiti has recovered to almost the same level before the earthquake occurred a month ago a that left more than 206,500 dead.

Mr. Le Roy also said that thousands of additional troops requested by the Security Council are on their way. As we speak, 900 additional troops are arriving from Brazil, he said and explained that this deployment will last for today. In addition, engineering companies from Japan with 190 technicians are on their way, as well as units from South Korea, with 240 people, and the Dominican Republic with 150, he noted.

Along with these troops, countries like Spain, Bangladesh, Israel, Italy and the Netherlands have pledged a total of 500 policemen, while additional troops are expected from India, Pakistan, Rwanda and Turkey.

The international response to our requests has been tremendous, said Le Roy on the latest Security Council decision to send additional 3,500 troops to reinforce the mission of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and the Haitian police, which commended for having returned to work only days after the earthquake.

On the other hand, the head of MINUSTAH , Edmond Mulet, said via video conference from Haiti that security is under control but there are still concerns about the nearly 5,000 prisoners who escaped from the National Prison during the earthquake, and those accused the increase in violations in the camps for displaced and street clashes. For now, have captured only 200.

We work closely with local police and government to go after them. The people working with us, you complaining and tell us where they hide, continued Mulet.

The main priority in Haiti – with more than 300.00 injured and at least half a million refugees – remains humanitarian. Mulet said MINUSTAH has provided for rescue teams to meet new challenges – like the rainy season already noted yesterday made the first large rainfall – and described the situation as « very worrying » .

Mulet also praised the coordination that has existed between the different countries involved, the Haitian government, United Nations agencies and NGOs, and stressed that life is returning to the city. He acknowledged that although the logistics of aid distribution during the early days was a nightmare, it seemed that everything was fine now.

MINUSTAH and the U.S. Army in Port-share responsibility for leading the 16 food distribution centers in the city. Also, these United Nations officials also praised the Dominican Republic’s role in humanitarian efforts, as relief corridors opened to deliver supplies by air, land and sea, and allow the United Nations to bring daily 350 containers filled with supplies to the Caribbean country.

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President Fernández meets with Haitian delegation

Leonel Fernandez Haiti Delegation V01To discuss reconstruction, education and health

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández and Haitian Prime Minister Jean Mary Bellerive led a meeting with a delegation from the Haitian government and established the way to be taken in short-term reconstruction of the destroyed town of Puerto Principe.

The committee agreed that the priority aspects of the new Haitian capital will be the problems of housing, education and food

The line of action agreed upon will be submitted for consideration by donor nations at a meeting to be held in Santo Domingo on March the 17th and 18th at the request of the U.S. government ahead of a mini-summit scheduled for the 31st of same month the United Nations headquarters in New York.

This technical meeting attended by representatives from Japan, USA, France, Canada, the European Union and other nations that are interested in participating in this process to rebuild Haiti.

For people and the Dominican Government is very pleased to hold this workshop to be defining what the short-term plan that must be executed in response to needs arising after the earthquake and other long term in what must be a sustainable economic growth and social development for the Republic of Haiti, said Fernández.

The first technical meetings with at 3:00 in the afternoon were the prime minister of Haiti, Jean-Mary Bellerive, and Minister of Economy, Planning and Development of Dominican Republic, Temistocles Montas. At 6:30 Leonel Fernández joined the meeting.

Technicians from both countries began a closed-door meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, located at the government office building on Mexico Avenue.
President Fernández said that for the Dominican people is of great honor to cooperate with Haiti.

The Head of State said that things were discussed concrete and specific, which allowed everything to go sketching a plan that is expressed in initiatives, programs and activities by identifying costs and funding sources and establishing the support of the international community.

The meeting is further proof of the rapprochement between the Dominican and Haitian people and a sample of the great solidarity shown by the government of President Fernández, said the Prime Minister of Haiti.

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United States Agency highlights Dominican airports security

Dominican Airports V03They follow at one hundred percent the security system

BREAKING NEWS: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States has assured that the Dominican airports follow at one hundred percent the security system and control of prohibited items to be carried by passengers.

A committee of this body, composed of George Cross, Brian Abbott and Peter Rotate, stressed, in that order, the Program for Quality Control and Safety which has been implemented in national airports, the Special Airport Security Corps (CESA).

Technicians who inspected the facilities at the airports managed by the company Aerodom Siglo XXI, have stated that the controls established by these companies and airport authorities, meet the expectation of U.S. authorities.

We looked very closely the installation of access control equipment to different areas of people’s identity cards and control items to be distributed in stores zones and confirm the effectiveness of the measures has said the TSA commission.

These inspections are done often by U.S. authorities with the aim of evaluating the security controls and conditions that are the teams to check passengers and baggage.

In its communiqué to Aerodom executives and CESA managment, the technicians of theTSA, asked to keep unchanged the process of identity cards of people and labeling of the areas of vehicles entering the ramp to avoid dangerous situations.

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Dominican Republic Mission will travel to Haiti on Wednesday

National Palace Haiti V02To talk about Refoundation Plan

BREAKING NEWS: A technical mission of the Dominican Government will travel to Port-au-Prince Wednesday to continue discussions on developing the action plan for overhaul of Haiti, announced Tuesday the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development Temistocles Montas.

Montas said the Dominican technicians will work with their Haitian counterparts in deciding what will be the planning and construction of homes in Haiti following the devastating earthquake of January the 12th.

The main focus is to determine the reordering of Port-au-Prince in all it has to do with the issue of physical infrastructure , said Montas.

The official said that it is urgent to take action on housing construction to accommodate a million people left homeless after the earthquake.

The technical mission is composed by Dominican architect Toca Nelson, Deputy Minister of Planning; Inocencio García, Director of Bilateral Cooperation, and technicians Rosajilda Velez, Ramon Perez Minaya and Ramon Flores.

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Nicolas Sarkozy announced an aid of 326 million for Haiti

Nicolas Sarkozy Rene Preval V01It includes the cancellation of the debt with Paris

BREAKING NEWS: French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced an aid to Haiti for 326 million Euros (444 million), including debt cancellation to Paris valued at 56 million Euros (76 million) and 180 million Euros (245 million) for reconstruction.

Mr. Sarkozy, France’s first president to visit Haiti, made the announcement during a press conference near the Haitian president, René Préval, whom he met to see the projects of reconstruction after the earthquake last January the 12th that killed 217,000 people.

Sarkozy, who visited Port au Prince today disclosed plans to rebuild after the earthquake of January 12th, made his remarks during a ceremony at the French embassy, where he stressed that Haiti will find its way only if the reconstruction benefits everyone.

The reconstruction effort in Haiti must create conditions for achieving sustainable development to allow gradual release of the Haitians’ dependence on international aid, which stifled the initiative and activity of the people, he said.

He explained that if the balance of the earthquake in the area of human and material losses it was very serious because, for the population did not have suitable living conditions, with nearly two million Haitians are concentrated in Port-au-Prince and its zone of influence, which generates more economic activity.

Sarkozy, who also made reference to the history of both countries, he said, as the first French president travels to Haiti, the resonance especially its presence in the country in the current tragic circumstances.

It is not only to give back to the past. The wounds of colonization and the separation conditions of impacts that are still left in the memory of Haitians , he admitted.
The president called the tragedy of January the 12th as the hardest wound Haiti has suffered in its history, recalling that 30 French dead and three others are missing after the quake.

We are all citizens of Haiti, said the French president, who said he was excited over the town to see the damage.
Sarkozy also sent his tribute to the French Army, to NGOs and French rescuers who worked in Port au Prince, who saved 16 people trapped under rubble in the earthquake.

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Dominican actress Zoe Saldaña visits Dominican Red Cross

She delivers donations for Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: Hollywood actress Zoë Saldaña visited the Dominican Red Cross to deliver some donations to the cause pro-Haiti, on behalf of the multinational firm Avon.

The protagonist of successful films Avatar and Star Trek made time in her busy schedule and make an appeal to all his fans and the general public, not to stop donating and encourage other people to help our fellow Island. I can not sit with my arms crossed facing such a big tragedy she said.

The activity was attended by Katie Sann, Public Relations Manager of Avon U.S., Ellen Abramowitz, director of corporate alliances and Bob Briddon, vice president of marketing for North America.

The company through the Avon Foundation gave the incident a few days a check for the value of $ 1 million (US1, 000,000) for both the International Red Cross and for the international organization Doctors without Borders dedicated to the medical assistance in case of war and natural disasters like the events in Haiti.

With this donation Zoe joins the long list of entertainment stars that spend time and money to the speedy reconstruction of the neighboring country

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Leonel Fernández attends the Rio Summit in Mexico today

President Fernandez Rio Summit V01Presidents will discuss the future of Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández will participate on Monday the 22nd, as in 10.00am Mexico local hour, until twelve noon, Dominican Republic local hour, at the opening ceremony of the Rio Summit, with the speech of the current president of the Rio Group and also president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón.

Fernandez came to Mexico on Sunday to attend the Rio Summit to discuss the future of Haiti, among others.

Half an hour after the opening plenary will begin the summit with the theme of New Institutionalism and Integration.

Just after 2 pm the same Monday is scheduled official photograph, as stated in the agenda of the event.

Presidents are reimbursed for the work of the Summit, this time with the theme Challenges and Opportunities in the Economic Context and then discussing this issue, go to discuss Haiti and the support it can offer from this conclave.

This debate will conclude the first day’s journey from the Rio Group Summit. In the evening a dinner is planned in honor of the presidents and representatives of the State.

The next day, Tuesday February the 23rd restarted the work of the Summit and will work in the conclusions.

In the afternoon of that day, a news conference is scheduled to be attended by the presidents of the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Chile.

Fernandez’s return to the country is scheduled for Tuesday night.

President arrived at the Cancun International Airport at 5:45 pm Mexico time (7:45 hour in the Dominican Republic), where he was received by the Dominican ambassador, Fernando Perez Memén and authorities of the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Fernandez started at 4:55 in the afternoon on a private flight from the airport in the San Isidro Air Base, accompanied by Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso, and ministers of the Presidency, Cesar Pina and the ministers Economy, Planning and Development Temistocles Montas also the Director of Presidential Press Rafael Nunez and Aristophanes URBAEZ communicators and Hector Herrera Cabral.

Similarly, the Chief Military Aide Corps of the Presidency, Major General Hector B. Medina, special and personal assistants of the president, Victor Crispin and Danilo Perez, respectively.

The head of state was fired at the airport by the heads of the Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Pedro Rafael Pena Antonio; Dominican Air Force, Major General Carlos Altuna Tezanos, National Police, Major General Rafael Guillermo Guzmán Fermín, National Research Department, Major General Ramón Antonio Aquino García and Presidential Guard, Zenon Padilla.

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President proposed comprehensive economic development plan

Leonel Fernandez Haiti V04For Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: President of Dominican Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernández, called the international community to implement a comprehensive plan of economic and social development, sustainable at long term for Haiti, that will not only help to recover from the earthquake on January the 12th, but also from the historic poverty it has faced.

Interviewed by the channel Telesur on his arrival in this country, the Dominican president called a disgrace that has been waiting for the occurrence of a tragedy of such magnitude to help save the 10 million Haitians, of which 80 per percent live in poverty and the remaining 20 percent subsist below the poverty line.

He said that the world community has a debt to Haiti, which necessarily must be paid, because for over 200 years this nation was not politically recognized, experienced long periods of oppression, dictatorship and thus a process of impoverishment.

I think that if there is international will be achieved. If you have found trillions of dollars to save banks why we could not find two billion a year to save 10 million human beings who deserve a better fate and a better future, highlighted the president.

He said that with the Haitian authorities are working on some proposals to finance the reclamation project in the impoverished country, citing that the payment of foreign debt that made the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to the Paris Club is assigned a percentage that purpose.

He explained that in this way would create what would be called Haiti Solidarity Fund, funded programs and initiatives in terms of infrastructure, roads, water systems, electricity, housing, schools and universities.

President Fernandez said the plan to accomplish reparation of Haitian history also requires the cooperation of the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, the Andean Development Corporation and the European Union.

Also, the Dominican Ruler lamented that developed countries have not fulfilled as agreed at the UN Social Summit, held in the 90s, which they pledged to spend 0.7 percent of its GDP to foreign aid.

He said that Haiti can not wait, because you have to find rapid solutions to note that while developed countries comprising the Paris Club to give a minimum, immediately, to create the Fund for Solidarity with Haiti.

I think it’s just simply failed to earn a little to contribute to a country that is claiming now. It is something that is not radical… We are not asking, say, an act of charity, but simply reduce their profits in order to help Haiti recover, he added.

He suggested further that as a source of immediate use in Haiti resume agricultural production as well as achieved food self-sufficiency would be a great source of wealth for the residents in that nation.

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Dominican Republic will host world conference

Aerial View Beach Dominican Republic V01Of Tourism Clusters of Competitiveness Institute

BREAKING NEWS: Dominican Republic will host the first global conference of tourism clusters of Tourism Competitiveness Institute (TCI), which is organized by the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) and will be held from April the 7th to April the 10th this year at the Convention Center Barceló Bávaro.

By providing information on press conference along with representatives from local and international sponsors of the event, CNC director, Andrew Van der Horst Álvarez, said that under the general theme Sustainable, Competitive and World-Class Tourism Clusters the conference will bring together professionals of clusters, researchers, international experts and tourism professionals from around the world to discuss major issues and recent trends in promoting competitiveness through local development and clusters in one of the most important global industries.

He highlighted that among the international event sponsors are the European Union, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Banco Popular Dominicano, the Tourism Department, the Metro Group, the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium, the Tourism Cluster La Altagracia, La Casa Montecristi, Dominican Caribbean Traveling Network (CTN), the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores) and the Directorate General of Multilateral Cooperation.

He said during the activity will be given to themes: Promoting sustainability in tourism clusters, increasing competitiveness in tourism clusters, clusters resorts in Dominican Republic, the impact of tourism clusters in the development of other clustering, among others.

He also highlighted that among the speakers of these topics will be Alonso Ramos Vaca, director of TCI , Amit Kapoor, the Institute for Competitiveness of India; Camilo Casas, the Andean Development Corporation, and Dr. Don Hawkins, George Washington University, John Manuel Martin Olive, Banco Popular Dominicano, Gayane Afriki, the Dubai Competitiveness Council, and Chris Seek, Solimar International.

He said that in addition to national, international experts, practitioners and interested in the topic worldwide, is expected to attend in the event of President Leonel Fernández, the Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia Fernandez and other top officials of the Dominican State, the importance of this global effort.

The event of announcement of this activity was attended by the European Union representative, Irene Horejs; of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Richard Goughnour, Banco Popular, Juan Martin Oliva, of CTN, Miguel Calzada, and Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium, Rafael Collado.

Van de Horst Álvarez explained that the TCI, global entity sponsoring the event, is the leading global network for professionals, policy makers, researchers and business leaders working to improve competitiveness in regions and groups and carried out each year this activity, but not focused on a single production sector, as on this occasion.

The secretary of state also said the choice of the Dominican Republic for the realization of this event shows their good position internationally in terms of actions taken to improve its competitiveness, the formation of clusters and tourism.

Emphasized that the CNC provides technical and financial support to 21 clusters of the country that are dedicated to manufacturing, tourism, agribusiness and SMEs, between areas of the economy.

He highlighted that this is an opportunity for representatives of local industry without chimneys gain more knowledge about clusters, and to promote the benefits of Dominican Republic at the international level.

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Dominican First Lady visits Haiti

Margarita Cedeno Haiti V01In support of children victims of earthquake

BREAKING NEWS: The first lady of the Dominican Republic, Margarita Cedeño, visited Port-au-Prince Wednesday to support children victims of the earthquake which hit Haiti on 12 January which left some 217,000 dead.

The wife of Dominican President Leonel Fernández visited in company of the first lady of Haiti, Elizabeth Debrosse de Préval as well as the local education minister, Joel Derosiers Jean Pierre, and other officials, a shelter for refugee children in the Petionville neighborhood, located on one of the hills surrounding Port au Prince.

The children gave flowers to Cedeño, who toured one of three schools donated by his office for the Haiti children.

In these centers children receive psychosocial assistance for cultural activities, waiting to reinitiate the classes in the devastated Caribbean country.
Cedeño encouraged children to continue attending schools where there are libraries to forget all the bad stories.

You have to know that we are friends, but best friends are books, she said when addressing children.

He also expressed his hope that in these places for children to play, sing, be happy and to convey its joys to adults. The three schools offices donated by the Dominican first lady are located in Port au Prince, Petionville and Tabarre (northern suburbs).

The first lady of Haiti, Elizabeth Debrosse de Préval guaranteed an income of children to schools and said this represents a clear and concrete signal of support for affected children. She acknowledged the psychosocial problem in the nation following the devastating earthquake.

This problem is a reality, said the wife of Haitian president, René Préval.
Deputy Mayor of Port au Prince Nadege Augustin highlighted the initiative and said that after the experience in Port au Prince, Petionville and Tabarre, schools will field similar to the country.

The official said that children very much appreciated the program that in her opinion, will enable them to express themselves.

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The European Union increased by 15.33 million the program of cooperation with Dominican Republic

European Union Agreement V6To face global economic crisis and consequences occurring in the country by the earthquake in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The responsible for the European Development Fund and Head of Delegation of the European Union signed on Thursday, an addendum which is established an increase in resources for unforeseen needs of the country, by 15.33 million Euros, which exceeds in national currency 800 million pesos.

The head of the European Union delegation, Irene Horejs, said in his speech that increasing the resources of the National Indicative Program, is a form of cooperation of the European Union for the Dominican Republic, facing the global economic crisis and consequences occurring to the country by the earthquake in Haiti.

We all know that the Dominican reaction official, civic and human has been and remains admirable. I take the time to express my own feelings of admiration and respect for the Dominican people in that direction, he said at a ceremony held in the lounge Hermanas Mirabal of the National Palace.

He explained that the Haitian tragedy will have strong implications for the country and that the Dominican Government is unclear what impact will cause him to what he said; already there are costs and additional requirements in this area as a result of that catastrophe.

He said that besides the increase of 15 million euros, the disbursement of about 16 millions more of budget support program that already existed will be advanced.

He also said to be about 36 million more than projected available in these difficult times for the Dominican Republic and do not have to do with the 611 million already pledged by the European Union for the tragedy in Haiti and efforts to reconstruction.

While the Responsible for European Development Fund director general of Multilateral Cooperation (Digecom), Domingo Jimenez, explained that in 2008 the two entities signed the document Country Strategy and National Indicative Program (NIP) for a total of 179 million Euros.

He said that following a review, that entity that amount increased to 15.33 million Euros more than they would be 194.33 million Euros will be directed to the border education sector.

Likewise, said that with these resources will cover unforeseen consequence has been presented as a drop in state revenues from exports.

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