Russia is interested by Dominican fruits and vegetables

Russian Ambassador Vladimir Zaemskiy met Danilo Medina

The Russian government yesterday proposed to President Danilo Medina opening a trade route between the Dominican Republic and Russia to bring tourists to the country and return laden with fruits and vegetables.

During the nearly one hour meeting Russian Ambassador Vladimir Zaemskiy told Medina that the more than 15 flights from his country which return empty could instead return to Russia loaded with fruits and vegetables.

He also proposed bringing more Russian tourists to Dominican Republic, especially Puerto Plata. He said 180,000 Russians visited the country last year.

“There are several projects, such as exports of various fruits and vegetables, because many flights come from Russia and return virtually empty, with a large capacity to carry fruits and vegetables from Dominican Republic to Russia, not just Moscow, but St. Petersburg, the second capital”, Zaemskiy said.

He affirmed that Russian agencies analyzed the items to be exported and will decide which supplies are needed. Zaemskiy said Medina promised to analyze the proposal and issue the necessary instructions, and to meet again upon his return.

Zaemskiy asked Medina to allow a test flight from Russia to Puerto Plata, “because in that province they have all the facilities and capabilities, besides the climate, that the Russians need, and wouldn’t take away flights from Punta Cana”.

Dominican Republic Live, from DT, 20.09.12, 11.30am

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