Travel requirements differ according to destination and route, explained

As the new year progresses and the summer vacations continue, while new variants of the COVID-19 virus appear globally, there are still many doubts about the requirements to travel outside the country, as well as for the return.

In this regard, from the Paraguayan Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies (Asatur) clarified some of the main uncertainties that arise when wanting to vacation and access a travel package, which are mainly focused on health requirements.

The president of Asatur, Carlos Cardozo, remarked that the requirements may vary depending on the destination, as well as by the way to make the trip, whether by land or air, and that the airlines are governed according to the final destination, as he assured to 1080 AM.

He exemplified, mainly, cases on the requirements for entry to the most visited or preferred tourist destinations by Paraguayans, such as Brazil, where to enter by land they require double dose vaccination against COVID-19 and an important aspect not to forget, which also require vaccination against yellow fever. These for land travel, without the need for antigen or PCR tests.

To travel by land to Brazil, only a full dose of vaccination and vaccination against yellow fever is required without PCR, which is required for flights.

For travel by land to Brazil, only a full dose of vaccination and yellow fever vaccine without PCR is required, which is requested for flights.

For the same destination, but for those who are going to travel from Paraguayan territory by air, in this case the PCR requirement is added to fly to Brazil. At this point it is also important to clarify that for people flying from Foz de Yguazu, being an internal flight or within Brazil, the COVID-19 test is no longer required.

More requirements
Now, to travel to Argentina, the requirements are a little more demanding, since in addition to requesting the complete vaccination with two doses, they also require the PCR and a medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

On the other hand, to travel either to Mexico or to the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, the head of Asatur mentioned that they are completely open destinations, since they do not even require the vaccination certificate. In that sense, to travel to the most usual or popular destinations such as Cancun or Punta Cana, only a passport is required, as it always was, he said; “the Caribbean is that open and it has always been that way”, remarked Cardozo.

Unlike leaving the country, to re-enter Paraguayan territory the current sanitary protocol is in force, which requires having the antigen test of the last 24 hours, in addition to filling out the affidavit through a QR code.

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