USAID will support Dominican mango producers

Launching of a controlled ripening and storage center

In order to improve the access of the “gourmet” mango segment of the European and local market, the Dominican Mango Cluster and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a controlled ripening and storage center, which will add value to the fruit, producing more revenues for producers.

This is an initiative that is part of the shared investments promoted by the Rural Economic Diversification Project of the USAID. Through this center access to a more demanding market will be easier. The center will have technical staff support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the land was granted by the Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (IDIAF).

A note from the company explains that “the establishment of this infrastructure will add value to the fruit, which means higher revenues and contribution to the development of the mango production’s competitiveness”.

The main objective of this center is to have hygienic and safe ripening by the efficient use of ethylene, so that the consumer has access to a healthy fruit free of any harmful health residue.

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