Wamos Air leases A330 to Iberia and Air Europa

Iberia turns to Wamos Air to maintain operations. In a statement to the agency channel to which Preferente has had access, the airline led by Marco Sansavini reports the signing of an agreement with Wamos Air to perform certain flights on the Madrid-Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) route during the months of May and June.

The cabin of the aircraft, an A330, will be distributed in two classes, business and economy, with a configuration very similar to that of Iberia’s regular fleet. The IAG airline explains that “the gastronomic service, beverage offer and other products offered on board will be the usual ones”. In-flight entertainment will be offered by Wamos Air, which does not have wifi service.

Wamos AirIberia asks travel agencies to share this information with those customers wishing to make reservations “to properly manage service expectations on the different flights.”

As Preferente revealed, Air Europa has also had to resort to Wamos Air due to breakdowns of several of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the manufacturer’s delay in the delivery of an aircraft scheduled for this May. The airline headed by Enrique Saiz will operate a total of 13 round-trip flights between Madrid and New York for Globalia’s airline. It has also extended (until June 23) its agreement with Iberojet to connect Madrid and Havana.

The Abra Group that has Avianca as its base has just scored the milestone of buying from Springwater its wet lease air operator Wamos Air, a world leader in its niche with a fleet of 14 Airbus A330 twin-aisle aircraft, REPORTUR.co was able to learn from an internal communiqué from both companies).


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