The National Association of Pilots of the DR (ANP) supports President Abinader’s announcement to create a national flag airline

The National Pilots Association of the Dominican Republic (ANP), announced its support to the decision of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader to create a national flag airline.

The entity pointed out that for all professionals in the aeronautical sector, it represents the most transcendental news of the last decades, making clear the commitment to the development of a national flag carrier.

decades, making clear the commitment to a sustainable development of the sector, for all technicians and professionals involved in such an important initiative.

“It is time to work all together, in the development of all productive areas in the Dominican Republic, mainly tourism”, understands the entity that brings together professional pilots.

It adds that connectivity is necessary to guarantee these State objectives and even more so if we take into account that we are an island with a tourist vocation. In this sense, he added, it is evident that a flag carrier is a necessary input to achieve these objectives.

“The ANP also called on the president to take into account all the existing human talent in the country, such as airline pilots, maintenance technicians, cabin crew and flight dispatchers, where there is a lack of jobs for each of them.

“We are a country of people committed to the best causes and our sector in particular is no stranger to this commitment, guaranteeing our desire to actively participate in such an important undertaking”, expressed the entity.

It indicates that it is necessary to consult with other sectors such as aeronautical guilds, especially our association and national air operators.

The National Pilots Association (ANP), reaffirms its commitment and support to such an important presidential initiative to create a national flag airline project in which it affirms it expects the participation of all sectors that make up commercial aviation.

We hope that from the beginning the inclusion and participation of all Dominican professional aeronautical technicians. The entity placed itself at the disposal of President Luis Abinade and the civil aviation authorities, as well as the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), as well as the administrative ministry of the presidency in the elaboration of the project.

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