Dominican Republic to promote its new country brand at Dubai Expo

With the support of DP World, the Dominican Republic will participate in the Dubai World Expo 2020 and this will be a scenario to reaffirm its leadership as a tourist destination and promote its new Country Brand, said President Luis Abinader during an event in which the country’s participation in this fair was announced.

The President indicated that this will be a great opportunity to promote the Country Brand in its five pillars, which are tourism, investment, exports, culture and citizenship.

“We will have the opportunity to reaffirm our leadership as the best tourist destination in the Caribbean and one of the best in Latin America,” said the President.

The Dominican Republic will participate in the Dubai World Expo 2020 thanks to the collaboration of DP World, a holding company dedicated to port operations in the world. DP World will cover all expenses with an investment of US$800,000.

The executive director of DP World in the country, Morten Johansen, emphasized that the participation of the Dominican Republic in this fair will contribute to reactivate the economy and that this is a great platform for promotion in other markets.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, also highlighted that this scenario is an excellent opportunity to promote tourism and our Country Brand.

“We will be there with our Country Brand, we will be there promoting tourism in the Dominican Republic, which is our main industry,” said Collado, who emphasized that June has been the best month for tourism in the last 14 months because 468,000 foreigners arrived in some 2,465 flights whose occupancy rate was around 79%.

He indicated that hotel occupancy in that month was around 69% and expressed that these figures are an evident sign of the recovery of the sector.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, said that starting in October, the Dominican Republic will have the opportunity to strengthen its ties with Middle Eastern nations, with which historically the country has not been so close.

Álvarez explained that this region represents an enormous potential in terms of cooperation and commercial relations for the country and that participation in this fair guarantees the attraction of new investments, new visitors and new alliances.

About the fair

The Universal Expos, which this time will be held in Dubai, have been held for 170 years and are a platform to showcase the greatest innovations that have shaped the world. The fair is held every five years for six months and around 190 countries participate.

The Dubai World Expo 2020 will run from October 2021 to March 2022.


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