Guatemala attracts the attention of foreign companies investing in very dissimilar sectors

Guatemala attracted US$586.3 million as foreign direct investment (FDI) from January to June, which is equivalent to a growth rate of 21.2% or US$102.7 million more, compared to the same period last year, when the figure reached US$483.6 million.

The flow of FDI is one of the indicators that has shown dynamism in the first six months of the year, said Sergio Recinos, president of the central bank.

From far and near
Statistics show that US$514 million came from other parts of the world and US$47 million from Central America and the Dominican Republic. For example, in the period mentioned, Colombia became the main investor, with an amount of US$121.8 million; followed by Mexico, US$103.2 million; the United States, US$83.5 million; the Netherlands, US$60.2 million; and Russia, US$46 million.

From Luxembourg, US$19.8 million; Italy, US$11.8 million; Spain, US$10.6 million; Germany, US$8.7 million; South Korea, US$6.3 million; and other countries, US$50 million.

On the regional side, Panama accounted for US$33.2 million; Honduras, US$18.4 million; El Salvador, US$16.9 million; Dominican Republic, US$3 million; and Costa Rica, US$2.3 million.

The stakes
In the flow of FDI in the first semester, the participation of financial and insurance activities stands out with US$158 million; trade and repair of vehicles, US$155.9 million; manufacturing industries, US$126 million; supply of electricity, water and sanitation, US$58.3 million; information and communications, US$43.8 million.

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The mining and quarrying sector captured US$12 million; other activities, US$10.4 million; transportation and storage, US$9.7 million; and agriculture, US$7.3 million.

Foreign trade
On the other hand, the data of the country’s foreign trade up to last August was updated, an area that also shows growth.

Foreign currency from exports amounted to US$8,904 million, which represented a growth rate of 21.6% with respect to the same period of 2020, or US$1,578 million more.

Sales of apparel items stood at US$1 billion and topped the list of the top 25 products; followed by coffee, US$767 million; bananas, US$541 million; edible fats and oils, US$521 million; and sugar, US$401 million.

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Up to August, US$2 billion corresponded to exports of traditional products, US$6.815 billion to non-traditional goods and US$1.228 billion to clothing and textiles.

Imports amounted to US$16,614 million, an increase of 43.5% compared to August 2020.

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