In June, 468,367 tourists arrived in the Dominican Republic

As of June 2021, some 468,367 tourists have arrived in the Dominican Republic, generating close to US$394 million in foreign exchange.

Of this figure, 405,643 were foreign tourists, while 62,724 were family visitors, who are Dominicans residing abroad.

Of the visitors arriving in June, 74.88% came from the United States.

This information was offered by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, while valuing that the entity has saved US $2,000 million, after “the publicity that is being placed has been more effective”.

Regarding the arrival of tourists in June of this year, Collado informed that 19.6% more than in May of this year, when 390,948 foreign visitors arrived in the country.

Collado, who was accompanied by the technical vice-minister of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), Jacqueline Mora, informed that 1,903,474 tourists have arrived in the country between January and June of this year.

In June, 2,459 commercial flights entered the country, of which 69% came from the United States, 7% from Puerto Rico and 4% from Panama, while 47% of tourists arrived through Punta Cana Airport.

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