From Rome to the DR: luxury destinations where Enrique Peña Nieto has been spotted

On three occasions he was captured in different countries, where he was always seen alongside his current partner, Mexican model Tania Ruiz, with whom he has reportedly been living since late 2018, when he had not yet made his divorce from Angelica Rivera official.

For almost four years, Enrique Peña Nieto has not returned to Mexico, although he has assured that he has never left the country (Photo: Instagram and Twitter screenshots).
Since leaving the presidency of Mexico in 2018, Enrique Peña Nieto has begun a series of trips with which he has tried to disappear from the compass of the government, supporters and critics of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador. Nevertheless, on several occasions, he was captured in luxurious European and Latin American destinations, alongside important personalities.

Throughout his six years in office, Peña Nieto, born in Atlacomulco, Mexico State, a historically pro-PRI municipality, has become one of the most controversial and criticized presidents in history, as he has had the lowest approval ratings in recent years and has been accused of the biggest acts of corruption and murder in recent times.

However, it seems that Angelica Rivera’s White House, the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teacher Training School, and Odebrecht’s bribes do not bother him at all, as for almost four years he has been traveling in comfort to destinations costing millions of dollars.

One of the first recordings of him after leaving the presidency was recorded in early 2019 in Madrid, Spain, with his current companion, Mexican model Tania Ruiz, who was then 31 years old, 21 years younger than the former president.

It is worth remembering that in that year Peña Nieto and the “Gaviota” were still married, although there was already speculation of an intense marital crisis that was consummated with their divorce, confirmed a few months later.

Although press records indicated that the former PRI member and his new girlfriend had been living in Madrid for a few months, in February 2019, he reappeared on his Twitter account to clarify that this information was false, as he continued to live in Mexico and had no intention of moving to another country.

“Faced with the versions that are circulating about my country of residence, I clarify: it is absolutely false that I bought or rented a property in Madrid. My family and I live in Mexico. I have no intention of moving to Spain or any other country,” he wrote.

It took several years to see Enrique Peña Nieto again in photos and videos. It was at the wedding of former Barranquilla Carnival Queen 2016, Marcela García Caballero, and businessman Sergio Chams, which took place in the Dominican Republic in April 2021.

The controversial video was posted on an Instagram story by the bride’s brother, Camus García Caballero, which shows the former Mexican president as he sits at the table enjoying the wedding reception.

Although there is no footage to prove this version, Telemundo’s Suelta la Sopa assured that in January 2021, the couple enjoyed their winter vacation in a luxurious villa located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This place has crystal clear waters, large private spaces and costs about 8,000 or 5,000 USD per night.

Now, six months later, he was caught again with Tania Ruiz outside an exclusive luxury hotel in Rome, the capital of Italy. According to images posted on Twitter by user @karenytv3, the former president is staying at the luxurious hotel in the City, which costs about 2,000 Mexican pesos per night.

The user did not miss the opportunity to criticize him for the actions taken during his term and shouted “thief”. In addition, the user told how several people joined her complaints and assured her that she would soon be sent to prison.

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