It is clarified that fuel prices do not automatically drop

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), Víctor Ito Bisonó, said that gasoline should have gone up 400 pesos per gallon, which did not happen due to government subsidies and their reduction.

He also said that the drop in crude oil prices is not automatically transferred to fuels and must be waited for.

While being interviewed in the program A Diario, which is broadcasted on Sentido 89.3 FM, the minister highlighted that President Luis Abinader wants to take care of the expenses of the people.Los Precios no Bajan Automáticamente

“When the calculations are evaluated in a week’s average, it could be that one day it goes up, one day it goes down, until that value actually arrives in the Dominican Republic,” he exposed.

He considered that it is a difficult dynamic and a role that they have to assume and it is not a pleasant one.

In this regard, he alluded that he does not feel bothered by the criticism of the fuel prices.

Impact of subsidies

The Minister of Industry and Commerce and Mypimes pointed out that the fuel subsidy measures can be compared with the inflation, the purchasing power, with what has yielded in social peace in the direct foreign investment and in the creation of employment.

He pointed out that the public things belong to the Dominicans and that it continues to be so.


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