Yvelisse Acosta talks about the reason for her resignation

The Executive Power informed last night about the resignation of the Vice Minister of Collective Health, Yvelisse Acosta, who since the beginning of this Government had maintained a preponderant participation as part of the Health Cabinet and served as a key link between the Ministry and the public opinion.

This Thursday, Dr. Acosta explained that her departure from the Ministry of Public Health responds to personal reasons.

“I prefer to see my process within the ministry and the health response with an optimistic look and of products, results and hope, but my decision is very personal and I prefer to keep it in the private sphere,” she explained when interviewed on the El Día program.

Replacing Yvelisse Acosta was appointed Eladio Radhamés Pérez Antonio, by decree 279-21.

Cost of PCR

In another order, the former official referred to the cost of the PCR tests used to detect COVID-19 and said that the Health Risk Insurance Companies (ARS) “have gained a lot”.

When questioned as to why the population now has less access to the tests than at the beginning of the pandemic and why in the Dominican Republic the cost of acquiring the samples has not gone down, Acosta affirmed that the price of PCRs should be reviewed.

He explained that it is extremely costly for the State to acquire the tests and that at first there was a shortage, so they had to be sought at whatever price was on the market.

However, he states that the overall situation has changed and that “there has to be a revision of the cost of the tests” that is assumed by the State.

“The insurers have gained a lot because the State has assumed and has assumed it with a lot of sacrifice and has assumed it by paying well,” said the doctor, who also has a specialty in public policies.

In this sense, she proposes that a dialogue be held because everyone must pay their share.

“It is not fair that only the State assumes this great responsibility and others are only profiting,” said the doctor, referring to the ARSs.

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