Domino’s Dominican Republic in a tour of the Colonial Zone

In its commitment to sustainability, the executives of Domino’s Dominican Republic celebrated World Bike Day with a tour with Zona Bici Bike Rental, with the objective of sensitizing participants to the importance of transforming current mobility systems, highlighting the role of pedestrians and cyclists.

The one hour and thirty minute tour, on conventional and electric bicycles, was conducted by Maria Batlle, and Councilman Mario Sosa, enjoyed a tour of the colonial area that included the Ciclo Ruta and Parque Independencia, Domino’s store.

Domino’s is a global pioneer in innovation, innovation that they bring to their operations and consequently to their delivery system, implementing sustainable and responsible transportation programs with programs such as “DeliveryeBike” and “Responsible Delivery”, betting not only on a significant reduction in its carbon footprint, but in turn, seeks to make cities more livable and raise the quality of life index with greater economic, social and citizen welfare.

This through the awareness of society in general, through a restructuring of its delivery system, which currently has motorcycles and electric bicycles in some of its main branches, setting an example of social responsibility and becoming a benchmark for electric mobility.

“At Domino’s we realized that electric motorcycles are vehicles that have a capacity to move loads well above what is needed to transport the delivery person with the pizzas, which implies a high underutilized load potential. Bicycles are much lighter vehicles, which implies less consumption and a smaller carbon footprint,” said Luis Francisco Rodríguez, General Manager of Domino’s in the Dominican Republic.

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