DR and Cuba to collaborate to strengthen higher education and science

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Mescyt) and the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba (MES) signed a memorandum of understanding to promote educational and scientific development through the significant improvement in the training of professionals, specialists and scientists from both countries.

This was informed by the heads of both institutions, Dr. Franklin García Fermín, from Mescyt, and Walter Baluja García, from MES, upon signing the document, which also includes the identification of areas of common interest to make the exchange of information viable, promote research, academic projects, conferences, symposiums, training and joint specialization projects based on reciprocity and mutual benefit.

In the same vein, the signing of the agreement contains the bases for executing student and teacher mobility programs, as well as the exchange of university scholarships. It also integrates exchanges between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) of Cuba and the Dominican Republic, interested in participating in the development of educational programs and scientific specialization.

“I am pleased to welcome the fact that our country and the Republic of Cuba have reached the conclusion of this memorandum of understanding, the signing and implementation of which leads to the improvement of the higher education systems of both nations in an environment of common benefit and mutual respect, as the immense José Martí and General Máximo Gómez would have wanted,” said the Minister of Mescyt, Dr. Franklin García Fermín.

He also indicated that he is convinced that this subscription is timely, convenient and beneficial for the educational systems of the highest level in both countries.

While the Cuban Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Walter Baluja García, highlighted the satisfaction of the Government of Cuba in signing this agreement with a country with which the Caribbean nation has real ties of history, brotherhood and struggle.

“We must, without a doubt, bring our work closer in postgraduate, science, extinction, in professional training and strengthen cooperation alliances between our universities, but the most important thing is to maintain the brotherhood to face the challenges that life can lend us,” concluded the outstanding academic.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding was attended by the vice ministers of Mescyt, José Cancel, Carmen Evarista Matías, Paula Disla and María López Polanco; the director of Cabinet, Juan Medina, as well as a Cuban delegation headed by the Cuban ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Ángel Arzuaga; the director of International Relations, María Victoria Villavicencio; the rectors of the University of Havana, Miriam Nicado García, of Pedagogical Sciences Enrique José Verona; Milda Lesbia Diaz and the head of the department of Academic Doctors, Reyes.


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