FLACSO DR and the Supérate Program sign inter-institutional cooperation agreement

The Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales República Dominicana (FLACSO-RD) and the government program Supérate signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement to implement joint research, training and technical assistance initiatives that contribute from the social sciences to the government’s commitment to reduce poverty and inequality in the Dominican Republic from a perspective of social and economic innovation.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony held at the headquarters of FLACSO-RD by its director Cheila Valera and the general director of the Supérate program, Gloria Reyes.

With this agreement, both institutions hope to contribute with a new perspective on poverty and its overcoming, based on the understanding of inequality as a factor of precariousness and vulnerability in the territories and urban and rural communities of the country and how these can be reduced through creative efforts of social and economic innovation.

The technical implementation of these efforts will be coordinated by the work teams of the Dominican Inequality Observatory (ODD) and the Economic and Social Innovation Laboratory (LAB-IES), both units belonging to FLACSO-RD’s portfolio of scientific programs.

Cheila Valera described the signing of this agreement as a great step forward for the Dominican and regional social sciences, since it will effectively make available to the Dominican State all the experience of more than sixty years of scientific production of the institution, as well as the professional and methodological capacity of the technical team that has been configured for these purposes.

“With an agreement like this one, FLACSO-RD fulfills one of the pillars of its mission, to contribute from the social sciences to the development of high impact public policies for human development in the Latin American region and especially in our country,” said Valera.

Gloria Reyes, director of Supérate, said that through this agreement, the commitment of the current government and the administration she leads to have the most advanced scientific tools in the region for the development of initiatives that have a real and definitive impact on overcoming poverty in the Dominican territory is clear. “This government is committed to transparency, efficiency and above all to achieving concrete results in terms of development, institutionalism and poverty reduction.”

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