Macron sends letter to President Abinader

The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, sent a letter to President Luis Abinader, dated 31 December 2023, in which he highlights the good bilateral relationship between the two countries and France’s interest in contributing to infrastructure and urban mobility projects in the DR.

In the letter, Macron celebrates the trust placed by the Dominican government in French companies for the development of important projects such as the Santo Domingo metro lines. He also expresses France’s desire to participate in the construction of a third metro line in the capital, an initiative that could be accompanied by an intergovernmental agreement and an offer of financing.

The French president also refers to the situation in Haiti, welcoming Dominican diplomatic efforts in support of a UN Security Council resolution for the deployment of a multinational mission in that country.

Finally, Macron announces that in early 2024 a member of the French government will visit the DR to strengthen bilateral cooperation and advance the aforementioned projects.

The letter is a sign of France’s interest in strengthening ties with the DR and supporting development and infrastructure initiatives, especially in areas such as transportation and urban mobility. The Dominican government values positively this rapprochement, which will undoubtedly strengthen the relationship between both nations.



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