Teachers take over two groups of students due to lack of teachers

Due to the absence of close to 19,000 teachers who should have been selected in the competitive examination for teachers, which began on September 8 and was suspended two days later, the teachers who are in the classrooms have had to take up to two courses at a time to compensate for the lack of personnel.

The alternative, which is implemented in some educational centers of the country to prevent students from falling behind in the teaching-learning process, was revealed by the president of the Dominican Teachers Association (ADP), Xiomara Guante.

The head of the guild explained that school principals have been forced to merge classes and assign a single teacher for more than one group.

“Where there is a lack of teachers, they have been merging, let’s say, two classes into one,” said the representative of the Dominican teachers, who described the situation as “terrible” and pointed out that it cannot continue to happen.

“It is serious and a way out must be found,” she declared during an interview to Listín Diario.

She also said that the union of groups of students is “dangerous” and affects the quality of education, for which they do not agree.

New date
Xiomara Guante also said that this week the new date on which the teacher competitive examination to fill teacher vacancies in the public education system could come out could be released. “I think that this week the competition commission will meet right away to set the date,” Guante said.

The head of the ADP emphasized that they are alert so that the teacher selection process continues as soon as possible and those approved can be integrated into the schools, which opened their doors last September 20 in expectation of approximately two million students.

“We are attentive so that a new date is set for the competition because this cannot be neglected,” he said.

Guante emphasized that “the contest has to continue now”, after explaining that the platform and the situations that occurred on the first and second day of the contest and that led to the suspension of the process were reviewed.

In this sense, the president of the ADP specified that the weaknesses were identified, especially in the area of the platform, and assured that they have already been overcome.

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