Barceló Group: “There are still opportunities for growth in the Caribbean”

Simón Pedro Barceló, president of the Barceló Group, said that “the recovery after the pandemic has been very positive in all countries, but he highlights the destinations in the Americas, so the hotel company will continue to invest in the Caribbean and Mexico, where it believes it still has opportunities for growth and where it has invested the most in the last 5 years.”

“In general, it has been a very good year. It has been a very good year in the Americas, both in North America and the Caribbean, and also in Europe and the Mediterranean,” he said,

He added that “they project that the sector will continue to perform well in 2024, in the geographies in which we operate that are now in high season, such as the Caribbean, Mexico and the Canary Islands, the data are very positive”.

He also confirmed the hotel company’s interest in continuing to invest in Mexico, “we will continue to do what we have been doing, we have growth projects in Mexico and Morocco, which are the two countries in which we have invested the most in the last five years,” he said.

In addition, he commented that they will continue to invest 400 million euros in properties, which will be directed to the assets and hotels they own. “We continue to look for opportunities in new places. This is where we are,” said the president. But he emphasized that growth opportunities remain in the Caribbean.

It is recalled that hoteliers Riu, Meliá, Iberostar, Barceló and NH closed 2023 with revenues higher than those of 2019, this despite the different factors that have affected the global economy, including wars and inflation. They also foresee that demand will continue to increase and they will have record bookings for 2024.


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