Decameron Hotels plans to resume operations in the DR

The Colombian hotel chain Decameron reiterated its intentions to return to the Dominican Republic this year, as well as to explore other Caribbean markets.

Fabio Villegas, president of Decameron, said that in addition to the construction of the second stage of the hotel in Baru, with 306 rooms, they want to expand in other countries, especially in the DR because they consider it the epicenter of the most important vacation tourism in Latin America.

“We believe we have the distribution conditions and market access to be there successfully and we are making significant investments in the whole transformation of our digital platforms to have a more modern communication with customers. In the end, the goal remains the same: we are leaders in vacation tourism in Latin America, we want to remain so and for that our commitment is to continue providing the highest quality service at reasonable prices,” he said.

He added that “Decameron grew from 20 hotels in 2010 to 31 hotels in 2020. That year we stopped the growth spurt a bit because of the pandemic and that is something we are taking up again,” according to Semana.

According to, Villegas mentioned that despite the fact that in 2022 the chain did not make any investments but only made a recovery, he also stated that it was successful because it was the prelude to 2023 to reach pre-pandemic levels.

It is recalled that the hotel would be managing its return to the Caribbean country hand in hand with Banreservas, since in the last Anato 2023 fair, the director of tourism business of the bank, Deyanira Papaterra, reported that negotiations would be conducted through mixed investment funds.


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