Who is applying for the most visas to reside in the Dominican Republic?

Immigration is one of the problems faced by some countries, due to the socioeconomic conditions or the lack of opportunities generated in the emigrants’ nations of origin. The Dominican Republic, like other latitudes, receives foreign citizens as long as they comply with the established legal requirements.

In the country, foreigners have the opportunity to apply for a residence visa with the purpose of obtaining a temporary, permanent or definitive permit. In recent years, the Dominican Republic has become the second home of foreign investors mainly in tourism, real estate and free zones.

According to the Migration Law 285-04, the presence of foreigners in the national territory is regulated with the purpose that all have to be under legal status in the country, provided they qualify to enter or stay.

The Dominican Republic has been a destination of open policies for citizens coming from other nations, according to the migratory lawyer Javier Gómez, who explains that this grows with the entry of people with economic capitals, which makes them interested in residing in Dominican territory.

The legal expert clarifies that migration in the country is regulated correctly, “although it could have significant and broader improvements, but given the strong Haitian migration it is not so easy for the country”.

Who are applying?

With a total of 2,911 residencies issued from 2019 to September 2021, Haiti leads the list, according to statistics from the General Directorate of Migration. The fact that both nations are unified in a single island, added to the political and social crisis that has worsened in the neighboring country, makes Haitians become the main immigrants in Dominican territory.

The massive exodus of citizens from the United States to the Dominican Republic is oriented to real estate investment in the main tourist destinations of the country. From 2019 until September of this year, a total of 1,269 permanent cards have been issued to citizens coming from the North American country.

For the same period, Colombian citizens were granted 1,154 Dominican residencies, becoming the main South American country that prefers to emigrate to the Caribbean country.

Between the Dominican Republic and Europe there have been ties of coexistence since colonial times. At present, the growth of Dominican tourism has caused citizens of the European continent to be interested in investing in hotel infrastructures. From 2019 to September 2021, Spaniards have obtained 1,017 permanent residency visas, while Italians and French obtained 823 and 480 cards, respectively.

As a result of the political crisis in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic granted 862 stay visas to these citizens in the national territory for the same period.

Cultures linked

China and the Dominican Republic are linked by commercial relations. In the country, citizens from Asia are popularly known in the gastronomic, commercial and hotel sector.

The oriental population has a high presence in the country. In 2004, a Chinatown was created to establish and promote trade and Asian culture in the city of Santo Domingo. From 2019 to the present, the Chinese have obtained a total of 822 permanent residences.

In addition, other immigrants such as Cubans (451), Germans (386), Canadians (336) and Argentines (209) wish to reside in the Dominican Republic.


The application for residency in the country represents a significant income. Currently, according to the website of the Directorate General of Migration, the application fee is RD$12,000. In addition, applicants are required to undergo medical examinations performed by the entity which cost RD$4,500 for adults and RD$3,000 for children under 10 years of age.

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