Dominican delegation participates in UNEP Conclave

The Dominican Republic stated that the international community must act in a decisive and coordinated manner to put an end to plastic pollution, during a meeting organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), with a view to drawing up a legally binding instrument that would comprehensively transform the entire life cycle of this material.

The Dominican delegation participating in the Third Session of the Intergovernmental Conference of the Negotiating Committee exposed the urgent need to take measures to curb plastic pollution that threatens both the environment and people’s health.

“National plans, the promotion of national and international cooperation, the generation of awareness and the specification of agreements for technical capacity building, technology transfer and financial assistance are key elements to achieve our objectives,” said the Vice Minister of Coastal and Marine Resources, José Ramón Reyes López, who heads the delegation.

Reyes López said it is fundamental that the binding approaches include annexes with a list of chemicals that are not allowed and a control of commercialization, similar to what is done in other agreements.

He considered it equally important to promote voluntary approaches that comprehensively address how plastic products are produced, used and disposed of.

“This involves boosting sustainable production and consumption, promoting national and international cooperative measures to reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment, including existing plastic pollution, and developing, implementing and updating national action plans that reflect country-driven approaches,” Reyes López explained.

He recommended that countries seek solutions based “on the best available scientific information, as well as lessons learned and best practices, including those from informal and cooperative settings.”

The international meeting, which will last until November 19, will be attended by Claudia Taboada, director of Science, Technology and Environment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Yvelisse Pérez, coordinator of the Program for the Integral Management of Solid Waste, and Marlene Nin, head of the Governance and Partnerships Department of the Vice Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources.


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