Mitur begin beach cleaning operation in Cayo Levantado

With the participation of some 350 people, including volunteers from institutions and residents of different localities of Samana, the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) began this Wednesday in Cayo Levantado, an extensive beach cleaning operation, throughout the beach and hotel area of the iconic and tourist island of one square kilometer in size.

The operation, coordinated by the Vice-Ministry of Destination Management and the Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR) of Mitur, involved 200 employees of the institution and another 150 volunteers from state entities and residents of the different municipalities of Samaná.

Cayo Levantado is a unique tourist destination that receives thousands of visitors, especially during the whale season, which is why these operations are so important.

In addition to the beach cleaning team, the regional directors of the institution, members of the Navy, National Police and Politur of the Nordestana province also participated.

There is a disposition of Minister David Collado to carry out these cleaning operations on a recurrent basis, in order to make this space a cleaner, safer and more sustainable place, for the enjoyment of local and foreign tourists.Brigadistas Cleaning up Cayo Levantado

Before, during and after the Holy Week holiday, the brigades will continue working from early hours in beaches and resorts throughout the country, ensuring that the thousands of tourists arriving from abroad month after month and during the Holy Week, “find these recreational places in optimal conditions”.

During the present month of March, brigades of the Ministry of Tourism are touring all the beaches and resorts of the country to leave them totally clean.

In the case of the beaches surrounding the tourist bay of Samaná, more than 300 people work permanently to remove debris and rubble found on them, including each of the beaches that extend throughout the municipality of Las Terrenas.

For the cleaning of the island, in addition to the collection of debris, the necessary equipment and tools were available for the conscious pruning of trees and the cutting of dry branches.

For the collection and removal of debris and waste of all kinds, the operation was supported by the services of a barge.

These services were provided by the Bahía Príncipe Hotel in Cayo Levantado. In the same way, this hotel and the excursion company Moto Marina made their boats available to transport the cleaning personnel to the island.

The staff of the Ministry of Public Works and the Samaná Municipal Mayor’s Office also provided support.


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