SDE City Hall carries out a coastal cleanup day

The Municipality of Santo Domingo East participated along with other organizations in a day of coastal cleanup that took place on the boardwalk of España Avenue and in which hundreds of young people from the municipality participated.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Youth, Promar, Project, Parley, Amsaunphu, the Instituto Técnico Superior Comunitarios, the Dominican Red Cross and the Santo Domingo East Fire Department also participated in the event.

According to a press release, Mayor Manuel Jimenez valued the day as positive and called on citizens to protect theJornada de Limpieza SDE environment.

“In Santo Domingo East 1,500 tons are produced daily. One ton is 2,200 pounds and of those 1,500 tons of solid waste it is estimated that about 35 tons are plastic. That would be several truckloads of plastics in a single day,” reflected Jimenez during the activity that took place on Saturday.

He reminded that “here we need the will of the people who assume as a duty to help the city, not the Mayor’s Office, the city is a patrimony of all of us, but the Mayor’s Office has the commitment that the actions are executed and done well”, said the mayor.

He emphasized that garbage is a permanent challenge, since its production does not stop, so the control and management also depends on the actions of each citizen.

The municipal executive said he understood that caring for the environment is a commitment that each citizen must assume personally.

Emulating a thought of the father of the country, Juan Pablo Duarte, he said that “working for the environment is the same as working for our country and for each one of us”.

He urged citizens to take care of the spaces and to join the more than 1,100 Neighborhood Councils in the municipality to keep them clean.


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