Actor who plays Arturito in “La casa de papel” walks around Dominican Republic

The famous Spanish actor Enrique Arce, who played the role of “Arturito” in “La Casa de Papel”, visited the Dominican Republic and took a dip in beautiful beaches, defining this piece of land as “paradise”.

“Postcards from the Dominican Republic,” Arce wrote in a series of videos from the coast, apparently from the northwest zone, as he posted a video bathing in Cayo Arena, a dreamy place of crystal clear waters located 25 minutes from Punta Rucia by boat.

“Welcome to paradise,” he added. In the series of shorts, he shows himself emerging from the turquoise blue waters while filming with his cell phone from Cayo Arena on an unfrequented day. In another photo he takes the opportunity to have a beer.

He also visited other towns on the north coast.

“You have already arrived to paradise”, “My beautiful province, Montecristi”, “Let me know when you go to the central park Arturito”, were part of the comments he received.

Arce had one of the most striking characters of the Netflix series, that of the employee of the Mint, Arturo Román, making fans come to ‘hate’ him for his impertinence.

As can be seen in his Instagram account @enriquearceactor he loves to go sightseeing and validate which are the best beaches or not, this, because he posted last February 3 his visit to Makua Beach, in Hawaii.

Arturito, as he was called in the series, is not the only Spaniard who fell in love with a trip to Quisqueya. Actors Mario Casas and his family recently came to the country, as well as Ester Expósito, Rosalía and David Bisbal.

The opportunity to move freely between Hollywood and Madrid productions came to him late, after he was over 40 and accepted a role, that of Arturo Roman, which he almost turned down.

“It has unquestionably changed my professional life. Although I still live as I arrived,” he told Efe about the turning point that ‘La casa de papel’ has marked.

After the series he has made films in Spain and Hollywood such as ‘Amor en polvo’.


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