Construction began on a new casino resort in Punta Cana

Cosmos Stelar is the new millionaire project of Grupo Cana Rock, which includes a casino among its amenities.

Dominican Republic – The Cana Rock Group formally began construction of Cosmos Stelar, a new tourism real estate project with 400 apartments, located within the Cana Bay complex in Punta Cana, which has an investment of approximately US$60m and will be ready in two years.

The amenities to be offered at the site include access to the resort’s beach club, as well as to the nightclub, casino and restaurants of the Hard Rock hotel, which is also within the complex.

The general manager of Cana Rock, Javier Hermana, pointed out that the Dominican Republic has become an investment haven. At the same time, he highlighted that Cana Rock has ten real estate projects in Cana Bay with a Nuevo Casino en Puta Canaglobal investment of over USD600m in 2,500 units. And with land to build 7,000 more.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held last Friday and was led by Cana Rock Group vice-president Liria Martínez; Osvaldo Bello, Cana Rock’s commercial partner; Gisselle Ventura and Jael Ventura, executive director and general manager of Oferta Inmobiliaria RD.

The project is marketed exclusively by the company specialized in the sector Oferta Inmobiliaria.

Ventura pointed out that in a few months they have already sold 75 percent of the project, which are priced from USD153,000, one-bedroom and 43 square meters. He commented that 80 percent of the buyers do it to use the property as an investment, since it is a young public, between 30 and 40 years of age.

For his part, Bello explained that 80 percent of the project’s investor public resides abroad, mainly in the United States, Colombia, Puerto Rico and other countries.


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