Cuba vs. Dominican Republic in vital duel of the Under 23 Baseball World Cup

Havana, Sep 28 (ACN) In a duel of capital importance, the Cuban under-23 baseball team will face the Dominican Republic today, in Group A, in search of a ticket to the Super Round of the World Cup of that category to be held in Sonora, Mexico.

This will be a game that should have been played on the 23rd day of the tournament’s debut date, but was suspended due to rain. Cuban mentor Eriel Sanchez’s team comes into the match with a record of three wins and one loss, while the Puerto Ricans of experienced helmsman Ramon Antonio Genao have a 2-2 record.

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Santos completed and Cuba defeated the Czech Republic 7-1 in the Under 23 Baseball World Cup.

A Cuban triumph would give them a direct ticket; but a loss would cause a triple tie between both teams and the Chinese Taipei team, all with 3-2 balance, in search of two places for the medal dispute, so one would be left out.

In these cases, the World Baseball-Softball Confederation has ruled that the TQB (Team Quality Balance) formula, which consists of the number of runs scored, divided by the innings played on offense, minus the number of runs allowed, divided by the innings played on defense, will be applied.

Bilaterally, Cuba defeated Taipei of China 2-1, while the Taipei team defeated the team from Quisqueya 5-0.

Today, the Cuban manager will have to send to the mound Havana right-hander Bryan Chi, undoubtedly his main trump card, although he lost last Friday to Mexico. And he will surely use the same lineup he used against Germany and Czech Republic.

Offensively, Cuba’s top hitter in these four games has been Rangel Ramos, who is 13-5, including a pair of doubles and averages 377.

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