“De Vuelta al Barrio” arrives Sunday in Baní to promote youth transformation

A coalition of churches, businessmen, neighborhood councils, sports and cultural clubs agreed to work together with the Ministry of the Interior and Police to carry out “De Vuelta al Barrio”, a strategy aimed at promoting youth development, this Sunday, December 10, in Baní.

During a meeting in the chapter house with Minister Jesús Vázquez Martínez, the achievements of the program, which already operates in La Romana, the National District, Santiago and West Santo Domingo, were outlined.

The official asked the press to be part of this project which was born to show children and young people a path of values, of work, to make visible the good and honest people in the communities.

He announced that with the support of the Empresa Estatal Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur (Edesur) they will illuminate the courts and stadiums of Baní, so that in this way the spaces for healthy recreation will be used.

Jesús María Féliz Jiménez, Vice-Minister of Interior Security, indicated that “De Vuelta al Barrio” is part of the Integral Strategy of Citizen Security “Mi País Seguro” (My Safe Country).

“We have combed the neighborhoods and visited the municipal districts, meeting with neighborhood councils and sports movements, because any public policy on citizen security needs the collaboration of the different entities of society to have an impact,” he said.

The director of Coordination of Municipal Boards, Elsie Lopez, announced that this initiative will carry out skills tests, workshops to detect talents and, most importantly, will work first with the tutors, within the sports and artistic activities.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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