Dominican softball beats Texas team twice; Dominican holds on for three quarters

The Dominican Republic’s women’s minor softball teams defeated twice the Abroad team from Texas, United States, in a friendly exchange that the technical director of the Dominican Softball Federation (Fedosa), Ramón López, defined as “a scrimmage that gives us the opportunity to begin the process of defining the roles of our players.

The games went by six runs to four and 14-5 and were held at Stadium No. 1 of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

“More than the triumph, which fills us with satisfaction, the important thing was to observe 24 players of the initial levels, with conditions to be part of the national teams in the different categories and to successfully transit the Olympic cycle that began in 2020, and that ends with the Olympic Games in Paris, in 2024,” said Lopez.

He indicated that the check-up was the first observation to conform the team that “with success”, will qualify and represent the country in the Youth Youth Games and the U-15 that will go as a guest to the South American, scheduled on October 3 to 10 in Ecuador.

“We are satisfied with what we have observed, the country has young promises of softball, which is a guarantee of success in the short, medium and long term,” said Lopez to add that in this meeting, we had a large part of those athletes who point to a guaranteed generational relay.”

He recalled that it was the first presentation of the team, prevented from being present by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They all have a chance, they are focused on being part of a groove from which they will emerge trained to be present in invitational events, paving the way to establish themselves in the national teams,” said the technical director of Fedosa.

Lopez emphasized that this project will allow us to raise women’s softball in the Dominican Republic in a short time, “because of the great decision of the athletes, the support of the president of Fedosa, engineer Garibaldy Bautista and the dedication of the technicians in the teaching and learning process”.


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