Edesur electrifies and illuminates Rafael Segura softball stadium

Edesur Dominicana illuminated and electrified the Prof. Rafael Segura softball stadium in the municipality of Comendador, Elías Piña province, in response to a request made by community members to the company’s general manager, Milton Morrison.

Edesur Dominicana illuminated the towers with modern LED lights and placed new electrical networks so that the sportsmen of Elías Piña can practice sports at night and the community members can carry out their night activities.

In addition, they will now be able to move around safely, since the periphery was also illuminated.

“Edesur Dominicana is a company that has been characterized by openly supporting sports. We believe that sports unites us and is part of the integral development of the human being, so we instructed for the intervention of the softball stadium of Comendador, Elías Piña”, said Milton Morrison.

On her part, the governor of Elías Piña, Milly Martínez, thanked Edesur for the work carried out for the advancement of sports in this province, since it also contributes to the safety of sportsmen and fans, who will now be able to carry out their sports, recreational, cultural and religious activities during the night.

The Prof. Rafael Segura softball stadium has been the scene of several tournaments in Elías Piña that have served to entertain and unite the families of this locality and surrounding areas.

Edesur supports sports

Since August 2020, the management headed by Milton Morrison in Edesur Dominicana has shown its firm support for Dominican sports, electrifying and illuminating stadiums and complexes of different disciplines and sponsoring sporting events, as well as athletes.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do


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