Santo Domingo West Sports Clubs celebrate First Little League Tournament

The baseball and soccer clubs of West Santo Domingo are celebrating the First Little League Tournament from Saturday, October 21 to 28, as part of the actions of the “Back to the Neighborhood” strategy, which seeks to promote healthy environments that contribute to the proper formation of children and adolescents.

During the activity, dedicated to Major League Baseball players Pedro Martínez, Ramón Martínez and Juan Guzmán, the Minister of Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, who threw the first ball, said that West Santo Domingo must empower itself, that sports leaders are paradigms for children and young people, for which he exhorted them to continue in their educational work.

Teams from Las Caobas, Herrera, Caballona, Batey Bienvenido, Palavé and Hato Nuevo, made up of children between the ages of 10 and 13, are participating in the competition at the Juan Guzmán Sports Center in Manoguayabo.

The official thanked the leaders of the area for their great support for this project, which seeks to rescue the values necessary to maintain a stable society and announced that as of this week all the sports facilities in Santo Domingo Oeste will be illuminated.

“Not only that, but we will provide the neighborhoods with good electrical service and new light bulbs, with a day of changes and illumination,” he said.

Juan Guzmán, coordinator of the activity, introduced the athletes and thanked the ministry for the work done, which has encouraged and motivated the youth to practice sports, to discipline themselves and to lead a healthy life dedicated to their studies.

The competition is coordinated by Joel Suárez, from Manoguayabo; Jorge Jairo, from Barbacoa; Joel Rojas, from Las Caobas; Domingo Almánzar, from Caballona; Félix Mateo, from Herrera, and the sports director of Interior and Police, Eduardo Gómez.

Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, in charge of Sports for “De Vuelta al Barrio”, praised the efforts of Vásquez Martínez in supporting these disciplines and the preventive importance of the programs. In this regard, he expressed his desire to replicate them in the baseball team of Cienfuegos, Santiago.

Meanwhile, Almánzar expressed the willingness of the organizations to collaborate with the institution. He proposed the use of the land where the old Herrera airport used to operate for the construction of sports facilities, because many young people can be rescued from vices.

Sportsmen Ely de la Cruz and Freddy Peralta shared a mano a mano, autographed baseballs and told of the experiences they have had in their careers. De la Cruz said that if he was able to do it with a lot of effort and sacrifice, they will also be able to do it, that they should not despair and that they should have faith in God.


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