Valentina Carvallo returned to action with first place in Dominican Republic

Neither the weather nor the almost two years of recess were enough to stop Valentina Carvallo, who this weekend participated in a new version of the Xterra competition in the Dominican Republic, where she also made her official debut in the Trail Running discipline.

Thus, in a competition that included swimming, biking and running, the national athlete managed to overcome every obstacle, getting the first place and taking the points that bring her closer to the Xterra World Championship in Hawaii.

Carvallo has been training for three years in Trail running, a modality that consists of running in natural terrains, such as forests, hills, mountains, deserts, among others, and this weekend she participated for the first time in a competition that included this modality, which she completed in a time of 1h06”03 and other challenges, among which were swimming (26’10”) and cycling (2h17’21”) in a difficult rocky terrain.

“I felt super good in the swim, but the bike was very hard, a lot of uphill and very technical. In this race I fell. Obviously, I got up quickly and continued. The heat was hellish, which also made the jogging hard. The 10 kilometers were on the sand, crossing two rivers along the way and a 200-step staircase, but I made it. I’m happy,” she said at the end of the competition with the maximum score.

Now, the Red Bull athlete is preparing her bags to return to Chile to resume the “Stravazo 3 summits” project, a challenge she is carrying out together with the Strava running application, which consists of inviting women to run routes through some hills in the Metropolitan Region.

The contest, which began on August 25 and ends on September 12, will reward the runners with the best time with a place in the “Ultra Paine”, where they will accompany Vale Carvallo in this competition that takes place in Torres del Paine on September 25 and 26.

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