Bitcoin ATMs in the DR: how many are there and where are they located?

The evolution of the digital world cannot be hidden under any rock; technological advances are here to stay and are constantly improving. Within this spectrum, cryptocurrencies are inserted, especially Bitcoin, as a new innovative method to manage personal, business or even a country’s finances completely.

Although in the Dominican Republic this cryptocurrency is not recognized within the legal framework, it has a “thumbs up” from the Dominican population, since a considerable part of society uses Bitcoin and even has its own digital wallet; they are just waiting for banks to adopt the new modality.

It is not surprising that the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased exponentially around the world in recent years, despite the instability of the most valuable currency in the market, users are still looking for it.

According to the website Coin ATM Radar, to date there are 20 Bitcoin ATMs throughout the Dominican Republic; most of them are concentrated in strategic points for tourists: Santo Domingo (capital), Bávaro and Punta Cana (main tourist destination in the country) and Santiago de los Caballeros.

BitcoinRD has a network of ATMs in the following locations:

Piantini – Av. Winston Churchill, Esq. José Amado Soler, Plaza Fernández II, Farmacia Integral, Ens. Paraíso, Santo Domingo
San Isidro – Comercial Ganadera, San Isidro Highway, Km 5 1/2, Santo Domingo East.
Villa Mella – Servi Express de la Bomba Esso de la Av. Hermanas Mirabal, Esq. Av. Charles de Gaulle, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo North
Gazcue – Farmacia Mundial, Garcia Godoy St. corner of Josefa Perdomo St., Gazcue, Santo Domingo
Herrera – Fellita Pharmacy, San Anton St. #8, Herrera, Santo Domingo
Bella Vista – Farmacia Mundial, Av. Privada esq. Catalina Fernandez de Pou St., Santo Domingo
Santiago – Ocio Gastropub, Av. Metropolitana #1, casi esq. Bartolome Colón, Santiago De Los Caballeros
Los Minas – Farmacia San Juan, Carretera Mella, esq. Hermanas Mirabal, Santo Domingo Este
BitRD has six ATMs:

La Julia – Tattooarium Tattoo Studio, Plaza Comercial Enriquillo, Av. Máximo Gómez 73, Santo Domingo.
Malecón – BetCRIS, Av. George Washington 511, Santo Domingo
Los Restauradores – BetCRIS, Av. 27 de Febrero 541, Santo Domingo
Santiago – BetCRIS, Calle Restauración 73, Santiago de los Caballeros
Punta Cana – Capri Beach House, Sector Cortecito Local #1, Second Floor, Calle Pedro Mir, Punta Cana
In various parts of the world this digital currency has been adopted quite easily by governments and society, as is the case of El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal currency throughout its territory, while others prohibit its use at all costs.

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