Circulation of the Santiago cable car

It has become a spectacle the passage of the cable car that the government is building to mobilize the residents of the southwestern neighborhoods that border La Yaguita de Pastor.

When they cross the cabins, which are being tested and calibrated, the citizens usually raise their heads to contemplate it and even make videos of it.

The mass transportation system that the government is building to improve mobility in this city in combination with the monorail, the inhabitants will soon be able to use it.

The cabins are being tested since mid-December, when President Luis Abinader was supervising the works and the system is expected to start operating in the second week of February.

The telérico, which starts in the La Yaguita de Pastor sector and will run four kilometers to the Historic Center, will cost DR$6,544.5 million, according to information provided by the government.

The first phase of the system comprises four stations and 129 cabins and will transport some 4,000 thousand people per trip in each direction.

The Santiago cable car is being built through Fitram, a trust created for the development of the mass transportation system of the Dominican Republic.


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