Digital transformation proposal includes connecting every Dominican to broadband Internet access

“Dominicana Conectada” is one of the proposals included within the digital transformation reform sought by the government of Luis Abinader and which is expected to be discussed within the national dialogue at the Economic and Social Council.

This proposal aims to implement a National Broadband Plan to connect all Dominicans to affordable broadband internet as a means for social inclusion, the closing of the digital divide and the development of a prosperous national digital economy that contributes to sustainable economic and social development.

To achieve this, the government intends to have wireless and wireless broadband infrastructure throughout the national territory, massify the levels of adoption and use of quality fixed or mobile broadband with special emphasis on rural areas and vulnerable sectors financed by the Telecommunications Development Fund and Public-Private Partnerships.

Also ensure the availability of those infrastructures in public institutions of essential services.

The proposal for digital transformation would also touch the economic sector, education, cybersecurity and innovation, through a series of actions that contribute to the technological strengthening of these areas.

To this end, a technological culture would be promoted, creating safe and reliable digital environments, strengthening the development of ICT solutions and tools that support the economic sectors, promoting digital business and e-commerce, developing digital skills in students and teachers of the pre-university education system and training professionals and technicians in ICT.

The context of this initiative is rooted in the preparation of the Dominican Republic to accelerate technological development through the Digital Agenda 2030, which is the country’s strategy that establishes the guidelines for digital technologies to be enablers of social and economic development of the country.

In addition, there is a considerable digital and telecommunications services gap between population segments of different socioeconomic, geographic (urban and rural, and between demarcations), generational and gender status.

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