David Collado asks French minister to place DR on green list

Dominican Republic Tourism Minister David Collado met with his French counterpart Jean-Baptiste Leomoyne and asked him to place the country on the green list to facilitate the growing interest of French tourists to travel to their favorite long-haul destination.

Collado argued to the French official that it is no longer justified for the country to remain on orange alert due to the progress made in containing the pandemic through a massive vaccination program for all tourism industry personnel and the general population.

He recalled that due to this new reality, the Center for Communicable Disease Control (CDC) of the United States, placed his country in category 2, after evaluating and recognizing the health measures adopted by the authorities to curb the incidence of Covid-19.

He said that the Secretary of State responsible for tourism of the French government undertook to evaluate the request for the modification of the category together with the authorities responsible for reviewing the measure.

After his meeting with the senior French official, Minister Collado participated in an exchange with a large commission of leaders of the Association of Tourism Journalists of France (AJT), whom he thanked for having visited the country in early 2021 to inform their compatriots about the progress already achieved in the reopening of their tourism industry.

The president of the AJT, Dominique De La Tour, said that the French journalists were pleasantly impressed by the diversity of the country’s tourist attractions and by the attention devoted by the Dominican government to contain the impact of the pandemic and to relaunch tourism as the main economic activity of the Caribbean nation.

During the meeting with tourism communicators, held at the Dominican stand at Top Resa, Minister Collado was accompanied by the director of the Office of Tourism Promotion of France, Mercedes Castillo; deputy ministers Jacqueline Mora, Patricia Mejía and Tammy Reynoso.

He was also accompanied by the directors of Cabinet Natachú Domínguez and Promotion Britt De Moya; the senior vice-president of the Punta Cana group, Francesca Rainieri; and the president of the Ibero-American Forum of Tourism Journalists (FIPETUR), Luis Jose Chávez.

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